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bonwe 1comm. songs. Restrictions: Hudhud. Mahaldot di bonwe da. It’s nice to hear their romantic songs. Sim: haw-e. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2intrans. to sing in a dialogue style. Bumonwe kayun duwa ta donglon taku. You two sing a dialogue and we will listen. ‑um‑/‑imm‑.

haw-e intrans. 1to be the main chanter or soloist of the Hudhud epic. Hi Caridad di munhaw-e. Caridad will be the main chanter. Sim: bonwe. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2Ihaw-enay Hudhud da Aliguyun ke Dinoy-agan. She will chant the Hudhud of Aliguyun Dinoy-an. i‑.