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baddi₂ comm. beetle larvae; worm with pincers that coils itself and jumps as if with force. Dakol di baddih payo. There are many larvae in the fields. Sim: ballotbot. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

di₂ det. a determiner that marks indefinite reference of nouns and noun phrases. Takon di gawan di hilong ya paka-ang-angona ya pakadopapponay gando ya ulog an hidiyey kanona. Even if it is very dark it (an owl) sees clearly and catches rats and snakes for food. In-anamut di dakol di inangang da. Many came home hungry. Nalgom di pinhod mun gattangon mipalpun nah kaitayan ingganah nah kaongngalan ya wadan wada. Anything that you want to buy, from the smallest item to the largest is available. (sem. domains: - Demonstrative pronouns.)

udi₂ sta. to be last. ma‑. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence.) infl. udidi

ballotbot (sp. var. balotbot) comm. larva of ba-i water beetle, edible if close to maturity. Inang-ang ku nan ballotbot an nungka-ut ot makapyah ba-i. I saw the larvae which had burrowed into the earth and it became a beetle. Nan balotbot ya mumbalin hi ba-i. The larvae becomes a water beetle. Sim: baddi.