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dikot proc. for betelnut chew to turn red. Dumikot nan mom-om hi andani. Your betelnut chew will become red later on. Madikot di mom-on da. Their betelnut chew turns red easily. ‑um‑/‑imm‑, ma‑. Sim: hol’a. (sem. domains: - Become, change state.)

hol’a 1proc. for a betelnut chew to become red; especially with pudu 'betel-fruit'. Deket humlay mimmam ya intuppam. When your betelnut chew becomes red, spit it out. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 2G Processes. Sim: dikot. (sem. domains: - Change color.) 2trans. to cause the betelnut chew to become red. [Chewing betelnut together has traditionally been a social event; to spend time together until the chewed betelnut becomes red allows the appropriate amount of time for friendly conversation.] Pahlaon takuy mimma taku ta ahi taku munhihi-an. Let’s make our betelnut chew red before we go separate ways. pa‑ ‑on.