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dudug advpred. personal involvement in an action. <When used, there is an agent emphasis because there is a focus on the fact that the person performing the act is the unexpected agent; a mediator, messenger or some other person is expected to be the agent.> Nundudug pen e nunsorender. He himself went and surrendered. (gave himself up) He-a pe ot dudugom an pinate nan inayam. You yourself are the one who killed your wife. nuN‑, ‑on. Manner.

taop trans. to winnow. Muntaop ka te nadudugi tun boga. Winnow because the rice is full of chaff. Taopam nan binayuk po. Winnow the rice that I pounded. Tumaop kah mihaang. Winnow some rice to be cooked. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, ‑um‑/‑imm‑, muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: higi, yapyap. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter.)