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gabyon 1comm. hoe. Nan gabyon di pun-amung mu nah lugit. Use the hoe to gather the dirt. (sem. domains: 6.2.8 - Agricultural tool.) 2intrans. to use a hoe to break up ground. Munggabyon da nah garden Juan ad uwani. They are hoeing in the garden of Juan today. muN-/nuN-. 3trans. to hoe a particular piece of ground. Gabyonon da nan ginatangan Pedro. They will hoe the land Pedro bought. -on/-in-. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

bukud trans. take everything for oneself; do a task by oneself. Am-in pe on pinhod mun bukudan. You always want everything for yourself. Bukudak an bayadan. I’ll shoulder the paying of all of it. Bukudan nan munggabyon nah garden na. He will hoe his garden all by himself. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. 5C Goal-oriented sites. Sim: am-am; Sim: ohhaan. (sem. domains: 7.4.3 - Get.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano: bucud.

tu-ul 1comm. a protrusion, e.g. a swelling, a lump in the body. (sem. domains: - Swell.) 2sta. to have a swelling or protrusion. Waday natu-ul hi uluna te nitipog. His head has a swelling because it was bumped. 3trans. to form a mound. [Mounds are usually made in ricefields for planting vegetables during the fallow season.] Tu-ulon yu nan gabyonon yu ta adi mianud nan mitanom. Make mounds of the soil you are hoeing so that the things planted will not be carried away by water. Wada nan tinibok an natu-ul an luta ot ek gaudon ya waday nilubuk an nakatten tagu. I saw a mound of earth so I went to spade it and there was a dead person buried. Napnu bo tuwali nan lata ya tagan da pay di ha-ad ot makattu-ul mo. The can was filled but they continued to place more and so it was heaping full (lit. mounded). ‑on/‑in‑, ma‑/na‑, maka‑. 4A Change the structure of an object. (sem. domains: 6.2.2 - Land preparation.)

yagayag trans. to sow seeds for transplanting, e.g. cabbage, eggplant. Iyagayag mu nan kolet nah pingkol. Sow the cabbage seeds in the rice-mulch-mounds. Yagayagam nan nagabyon hi pechay. Sow some pechay-cabbage seeds in the plot that is hoed. Munyagayag takuh kolet ta waday itanom taku nah garden. Let us sow cabbage seeds so that we will have some things to plant in our gardens. i‑/iN‑, ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, muN‑/nuN‑. 3B Move and release object. (sem. domains: 6.2.3 - Plant a field.)