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halom sta. describes a deep cut or wound. Nihalom nan nag-od hi taklena. The cut on his hand is deep. Nakaihhalom liput ku. My wound is very deep, mi‑/ni‑, nakai‑ C. 6A Physiological Process - State. Sim: dalom. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.)

dalom₂ 1adj. deep, measured from the surface, extending downward, e.g. depth of water or hole in the ground. Adi adalom nan nungkekeyan mi. The place where we swam is not deep. Adalom nan puhung. The pool is deep. a‑/an‑. Dimension quantifier. Opp: tappo; Sim: halom. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow.) 2nom. underneath a surface. Nah dalom di pitok di kihdiyan di yuyu. It is underneath mud that Japanese fish live. (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 3proc. for something like a river to become deep. Dimmalom nan wangwang te immolwang. The river deepened because of the flash flood. ‑um‑/‑immi‑. (sem. domains: - Become, change state.) 4trans. to bury or put something deep. An indalom muy nangilubuk mu ta adi mahamuy? Did you bury it deep so that it can’t be smelled? i‑/iN‑. 3A Move and position object at site. (sem. domains: - Put in.) der. dallom der. kadalom der. kinadallom id. nidalom ni pungkalkalli infl. adallom n. ph. ad dalom

kihal 1intrans. to move self. Adika ni-an kumihal ta malau da. Don’t make any movement until they pass by. Mungkihhalan nan bale. The house is moving (by itself). ‑um‑/‑imm‑, muN‑ ‑an. 2B Change of position. (sem. domains: 7.2 - Move.) 2trans. to move something or someone. Kihalom nan batu. Move the stone. Nganney kihakihalom? What are you always moving? ‑on/‑in‑. 4D Release, remove or detach object. (sem. domains: 7.3 - Move something.) der. makihal

kohal trans. to break something by biting. Kohalom nan moma munggodwa ta. Break the betelnut with your teeth and we will divide it. Kinohal nay moma. He bit the betelnut and broke it apart. ‑on/‑in‑. 4A Change the structure of an object. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew.)

pohal trans. to split wood or bamboo. Pohalom nan kawayan hin patakom. You will split the bamboo if you nail it. Inhoplat na nan paul ke ha-oy ot maphal. He whipped me with a reed and it split. ‑on/‑in‑, ma‑/na‑. 4A Change the structure of an object. Sim: toma. (sem. domains: 7.8.2 - Crack.)

putaw comm. a small ax. Deket pating di dikhalom ya hay putaw di usalom. If you are going to split the small branches, use the small axe. Syn: wahe, wasay. (sem. domains: 6.2.8 - Agricultural tool.)

sugat 1comm. a wound. Nihalom nan sugat hi tamel na. The wound on his face is deep. Sim: liput, bongenge. 2trans. to wound or cause a wound on someone. Deket sugatam nan taklena, kaanonay ulum. If you wound his hand, he will remove your head. Sumugat nan naphik an basu. The broken glass will cause wounds. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. Language Of Borrowing: Tagalog.