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hotol sta. to be fat and short; stout. [This word may describe a person who is so fat that his neck cannot be seen] He-a ke ya nakuug ka mu natayag ka mu hi tulang mu an nahotol. You are thin but tall but your brother is short and fat. Nahotol din unga. That child is short and stocky. Sim: pokka, boktot, boklog. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big.)

boktot (sp. var. moktot) sta. to be short and stout; stocky. Naboktot din aammod na kinali athidi bon hiya. His parents were short and stout that’s why he is also like that. ma‑. 6A Physiological Process - State. Sim: pokka, boklog, hotol. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)

pokka mod. short, fat person. Pokka di ngadana te nahotol. Pokka is his name because he is short and fat. Sim: boktot, boklog, hotol.