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ipi- (sp. var. ipa-) TACR. this prefix encodes a causative; cross-references the object; non-past tense. [This variant of the prefix ipa- usually co-occurs with roots that have the vowel ‘a’ in the first syllable.] Ot ipien Annas hi Jesus an nanongnan nabalud hi kad-an Kaypas an natag-en padi. (Juan 18:24) And then, Annas had Jesus who was still bound taken to Kaypas the high priest. Ot ipipaptok na nadah imbabalenan linalaki. (Genesis 30:35b) And then, he had his sons taken care of them (sheep and goats). Sim: impa-, ipa-. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)

impa- (sp. var. impi-) caus. this prefix encodes a causative concept; cross-references a patient-object, but an agent, the person doing the action is always implied though the causative-agent is the subject; past tense. Impatanom nay bulhe. He had some beans planted. Impaalik nan bulwatim. I had your clothes brought. Sim: ipa-, ipi-. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)