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kakaw (sp. var. kakao) comm. tree and/or fruit, jackfruit variety. [The sap is boiled and the resulting sticky substance is placed on sticks to catch ricebirds in the rice fields.] Pakappodhok di tamtam di kakaw. I like the taste of jackfruit very much. Pakappinhod di dakol nan kakaw. Many people love jackfruit. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

kakawwa comm. spider species. Dakol di kakawwa dih pikdol. There are many spiders in the corner. Dapaom ke nan balena ya mumbuttikan nan kumbale. (kakawwa) riddle Touch his house and the owner runs around. (spider) (sem. domains: - Insect.)

kobog sta. a thudding hollow sound of something heavy that falls. Nakakbog nan kakaw handi nag-a. The jackfruit fell with a thud. naka‑. 6D Descriptives. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

litig trans. to get the sticky sap of a tree with a thin stick. [Sap from the jackfruit and pakak-tree is gathered to use for a trap to catch birds and for gluing things. ] Litigom nan kakaw ta hidiyey pamukot tah bigat. Get the sap of the jackfruit tree and we will use it tomorrow in the pukot-trap. Munlitig nadan u-ungah pamukot da nadah du-uti. The children are getting sap for them to catch dragonflies. Linitig da nan pakak. They got the sap of the pakak-tree. ‑on/‑in‑, muN‑/nuN‑. 4C Convey/bring object toward agent. (sem. domains: 7.5.1 - Gather, 6.1 - Work.)

pamukot (infl. of pukot) 1comm. sap of trees; sticky substance from trees. Limmitig nah kakaw hi pamukot na. He got sticky sap from the jackfruit tree. 2intrans. to catch birds by placing the sap of trees where they land. Eda mamukot nah muyung. They are going to catch birds in the forest with sticky sap. maN‑/naN‑.

pukot 1comm. the sticky sap of trees. Waday pukot di kakaw. Jackfruit has a sticky sap. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2trans. to paste together; to adhere to something. Nipkot nan bulwatik nah ubunan te napukotan. My dress stuck to the seat because it had a sticky substance on it. Numpokkot di bulwati ta. Our dresses are stuck together. Ta deket wadaday inumbun on nungkipkot di bulwati da. When people took their seats, their clothing stuck to them. ni‑, nuN‑, nungki‑. infl. pamukot

tobtob trans. to cut bark of trees with sticky sap, usually. a series of cuts. Tobtobom nan kakaw ta litigon ta. Cut the bark of the jackfruit-tree so that we will get the sticky sap on a thin stick. ‑on/‑in‑. (sem. domains: 7.8.3 - Cut.)