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kina- 1mod. this prefix expresses the concept of a quality or characteristic being inherent or evident. Hi Apu Dios ya impatibo na kinaDios na. As for God, he has shown his Godness. Bumobboh-ol damdama ke dadiyen tulun gayyum Job te uggeda kinabaelan an hinumang hi Job hi ustu ta kay mo hi Apu Dios di nihalla an bokon hi Job. (Job 32:3) He was also very angry with Job’s three friends because they did not have the ability to adequately answer Job so that it was like God was mistaken, not Job. Deket mundama kayun tulang mu wenu hay udum an tatagu ya adi nalgom di kalyon hi kinagaga-iho da. When you quarrel with your brother/sister or other people, don’t tell about their evil. (sem. domains: 9.2.9 - Affixes.) 2dervN. the prefix derives a noun. Impakiala da nadan limmu da ya am-in di kinadangyan da. They got their property and all of their riches. (sem. domains: - Derivational affixes.)

hindopat godwa (comp. of godwa, hindopa) comm. one-half of the hindopa measure. Hindopat godwa di kinatag-en nan kina-utan da. The height of the hole they dug is about three-fourths of a meter. (sem. domains: 8.2.8 - Measure.)

hintaddog (sp. var. hintakdog) (comp. of taddog) n. a measure, one-person measure; cubic feet based on the height of an average person; measurement of stacked, quarried rocks, used particularly of stone walls. Timping nay hintaddog. He made a stone wall the height of a man. Hintaddog di kinadalom di kina-utan da. The depth of the hole they dug is about a normal person's height. (sem. domains: 8.2.8 - Measure.)

pahok₂ comm. insect like a bee, makes weblike nest in the ground; buries eggs in the ground. [The young ones are good to eat.] Kina-utan da nadan balen di pahok. They dug out the hives of the pahok-bee. Sim: alig, babayung, balingog, pappahluk, iyyukan. (sem. domains: - Insect.)