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kuyat comm. infant; newborn baby; from birth to about six months. Ulowam nan golang teden kuyat pay. Cover the baby since she’s still an infant. Inala daka ke antim handih ka-kuyat mu. You were taken by your Aunt when you were a newborn. (sem. domains: - Child.)

ayod 1comm. a hammock-style cradle used for babies and small children. Ihaad mu nan kuyat nah ayod ta mahuyop. You put the child in his hammock-cradle so that he will sleep. Iyayong mu nan ayod. Swing the hammock-cradle back and forth. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2intrans. to use a hammock-cradle for a baby or for carrying a sick person to a doctor or hospital. Mun-ayod kayun tulang mu. Use the hammock-cradle with your sibling. Iayod mu nan golang ta mahuyop. Place the baby in the hamoock-cradle so he will sleep. Iayod yu nan mundogo. Use the hammock-cradle to carry the sick person. mun‑, i‑.