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labbun (sp. var. lagbun) 1comm. a word puzzle formulated for entertainment purposes; a riddle. Waday kalyok hi labbun. I will tell a riddle. Sim: lagunnuk. (sem. domains: - Riddle.) 2rec. to tell each other riddles; reciprocal telling and guessing riddles. Munlabbun taku. Let’s tell each other riddles. muN‑/nuN‑. der. labbunon

labbunon (der. of labbun) trans. to guess. Labbunom ya di ngadan ku. Guess my name. ‑on/‑in‑. 4E Perception and Cognition. (sem. domains: - Think so.)

lagunnuk comm. a word puzzle for the purpose of entertainment. Laglaggunnuk ku on: Tagun pungkanay adol na. Nan kandelat an natlogan. I have a riddle: A person eats himself. A lit candle. Sim: labbun. (sem. domains: - Riddle.)