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mangipainila (infl. of inila) caus. refers to someone who makes something known. Adi kayu bumain an mangipainila an mangulug kayun Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to make known that you believe in Jesus. mangipa‑/nangipa‑. (sem. domains: 3.2.3 - Know.)

kipa- -an pass. this circumfix is a lexical nominalizer with a causative component. Napiliyak bon mangipainilan am-in hi taguh innun di kipaannungan nan planun ugge ni-an impainilan Apu Dios an nunlutu hi am-in. (Ephesus 3:9) I was chosen to make known to all people the fulfillment of the plan that God who created everything had not yet made known. Mu takon di athidiy udum ya maan-anlaak te hay importante ke ha-on ya hay kipainnilaan nan tuttudu mipanggep ke Kristo...(Philippi 1:18) But even though it’s like that with some (teachers), I am happy because what is important to me is that the teaching about Christ is being made known... (sem. domains: - Derivational affixes.)