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mialig sta. to be comparable in some way; a figurative form that indicates that one thing or event is compared to another by way of illustration. Hay maulen kali ya mialig nah iyyukan an malumii, paphodonay gibok ya pal-otona nan mangngol. (Proverbs 16:24) A kind word can be compared to honey that is sweet, it causes a good feeling and strengthens the one who hears. mi‑. Sim: kialigan. (sem. domains: - Compare.)

kialigan nom. a comparison of one thing with another; a comparison of a person or something a person does with another. [This word is used frequently in the Tuwali
Bible, particularly in verses that record the comparisons that Jesus used in his teaching.
Ha-oy di kialigan nan maphod an tagun mumpaptok hi kalnero. (Juan 10:14a) I am like the good person who cares for sheep. Sim: mialig. (sem. domains: - Compare.)