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namiN- MATH. the prefix encodes a past tense and multiplies by the number to which it is attached, making the cardinal number a verbal form. Handih nungkih-up da ya nunyuung hi namimpitu. When they neared, they bowed down seven times. Sim: mamiN-.

namin-oha (sp. var. of naminghan)

naminghan (sp. var. namin-oha) (der. of oha) adv. to have done something once. Naminghan ya immanamut hi ohan biggatna ya nungkabibik-iy bulwatina. One morning he came home with his clothes torn in several places. Namingoha di nangayak hidi. I went there only once. Time. (sem. domains: - Number of times.)

mamiN- adj > advpred. this prefix encodes a non-past tense and multiplies by the number it is attached to making the adjectival cardinal number into a verbal form. <Derivation: The prefix derives an adverbial predicate from an adjective.> Oltom an munpalakpak ne inalam on espadat iwahiwam hi maminduwa weno mamintulu. (Ezekiel 21:14a) Shout as you clap your hands, then get a sword and wave it two or three times. Sim: namiN-. (sem. domains: - Derivational affixes.)