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ingan di banig comm. a mushroom variety found in trunks of felled or live trees. Mahong-oy ingan di banig and ihda. This mushroom variety is delicious as a viand. Gen: uung. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

ngan di banig (fr. var. of balluyak another name for the balluyak mushroom variety.)

balluyak (fr. var. ngan di banig) comm. a mushroom, violet in color, grows on rotten wood. Uggek tiniboy kanan dah balluyak. I have never seen this so-called balluyak-mushroom. Sim: bul’ung; Gen: uung. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

uung comm. a mushroom variety, generic. Wadaday pumaten uung. There are mushrooms that are poisonous. Spec: balluyak, kuddupe, ingan di banig, ambabala, antutukku, bul’ung. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)