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nganneh diye (comp. of nganne) 1ind. refers to whatever is not clearly defined or stated. Mu ditakun mangulug di nangipainilaan nan Espiritun Apu Dios kediye te inila nan am-in nganneh diyen wadah nomnom Apu Dios. (1Corinth 2:10) But as for us believers, the Spirit of God makes that known to us because he knows all of whatever is in the mind of God. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.) 2int. what is that; the question is asked about something that is distant from both speaker and hearer or related to a third party. Nganneh diyen balen kapyaon yun kiha-adak? (Acts 7:49b) What is that house that you will build for me to live in? (sem. domains: - Question words.)

agum sta. to be greedy; describes one who wants everything for himself. Hay naagum an tagu ya pinhod nan ibagin am-in nganneh diyen maid di kanana on abu mo. (Job 20:20) As for the greedy person, he wants to own everything without ever being satisifed (never saying no more is needed now). ma‑/na‑. 6B Characteristics of human nature or life situation. (sem. domains: - Lust.)

haklit trans. to place or put something at or on a site; to deposit something. Hanadan dalluyun nah baybay ya ihaklit day nganneh diyen lugit nah pingngit na. Those ocean waves deposit every kind of dirt/trash on the shore. i‑/iN‑. 3A Move and position object at site. (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put.)

kay advpred. 1refers to a comparison; to have the same or similar qualities or characteristics. Ingonay kay da gugutul di tatagu ten mundaldallanan ka nah kalata. You are compared to an ant when you are walking along the road. Wada da boy tetendaan hitun kay ad Cubao mu nangingina day migattang. There are stores like in Cubao but what they sell is more expensive. Kay bo uya-uy damdama. It’s just like the Uya-uy-marriage feast. Comparative. (sem. domains: - Compare.) 2functions as a comparative predicate; makes a hypothetical comparison of someone or something to a characteristic action or behavior of another person or thing. Mumbutik ka an kay daka pumpudug hi nganneh diye. You are running as though you are being chased by something. Toan. Uggemi inila te hinnatkon di kali na. Kay na pay punggalgal di kalkalyona. We don’t know what she said because her speech was different. It was as though she chewed on the words she was saying. (sem. domains: - Relations involving correspondences.)

mangipangpangulu (der. of pangulu) deriv V. refers to those who lead other people in actions or activities. a verbal form derived from the noun ulu meaning ‘head’ and occurring in a construction with the agent-subject preposed before the verb. <This is a verbal form derived from the noun ulu meaning ‘head’ and occurring in a construction with the agent-subject preposed before the verb.> Ha-oy di mangipanun am-in hi nganneh diyen umatak nah patul an mangipangpanguluh tindaluna.(Job 29:25) I was the one to arbitrate in all matters, like a king leading his soldiers. (sem. domains: - Lead.)

puhog comm. navel; refers to the umbilical cord and the abdominal scar where the umbilical cord was attached. Tinalak day puhog ku, kinali nalakan kal-iwwak di nganneh diye. They lost my umbilical cord, that is why I easily forget everything. (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.) id. mabangngad di puhog na