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pabanhan (infl. of ban’o) caus. to lend something; to cause something to be borrowed. Umipabano kah pihhum ta ta ek ibayad ni-an nah bimmanoak. You lend money so that I can pay what I have borrowed. pa‑ ‑an/impa‑ ‑an, umipa‑/immipa‑. (sem. domains: - Owe.)

pa- -an this circumfix encodes non-past tense and a causative concept; it cross-references the site-object relation rather than the causative agent. Ne nganne, kon pangali yu on paamlonganak kediyen at-atton yu? (Isaiah 57:6c) So what about it, do you think that what you are doing makes me happy? Hin waday mumbagan dakayuh baddang ya idat yuy ibagana ya pabanhan yu nadan bumanon dakayu. (Mateo 5:42) If someone asks you for help, give what they ask for and loan to those who ask to borrow from you. Sim: impa- -an. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)