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paddungnay (der. of paddung) advpred. the form functions to make a comparison of an action or event with another; a predication of a simile. Paddungnay happiyo da nan ongal an pamhod mu. It is like their shield is your great love. Comparative. (sem. domains: - Compare.)

kenaen (kenae) dem. that; the form is based on kenae, a member of Set 5 demonstrative pronouns and the linker an. Hinaen indat yu ya paddungnay hi Apu Dios nangidatan yu ya mun-am-amlong bon dakayu kenaen inat yu. (Philippians 4:18b) What you gave is like it was God that you gave it to and he is happy with you for what you did. (sem. domains: - Demonstrative pronouns.)

maki- -an participatory. this circumfix encodes the concept of participation in an action or activity; the object referent is cross-referenced; non-past tense. Paddungnay naatu kan nakibuttikan hi tatagu mu ahi namam-a moy inatum ten makibuttikan kah kakabayu. (Jeremiah 12:5b) It’s like you were tired joining in racing people but you would be more tired if you joined in racing horses. Sim: maki-, naki- -an. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)