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pitpit₁ 1comm. an omen bird, reddish-brown; also, refers to the chirping sound the bird makes. [It is believed that this bird gives omens by its chirp.] Inalawan di pitpit ot ibangngad na. A pitpit-bird crossed his path so he returned. Sim: ido. (sem. domains: 4.9 - Religion, - Bird.) 2intrans. for the pitpit bird to chirp. [It is believed that the bird is giving an omen-message that a person must not proceed with planned travel or an activity.] Pumanipit nan pitpit. The pitpit-bird keeps on chirping. ‑um‑/‑imm‑.

ido comm. 1omen bird, sometimes called pitpit; red, small, black and brown breast. [The kulkultit bird is often seen in the same vicinity. It has been said that the ido-bird feeds on the kulkultit-bird.] E ot ume ad Banawe ya dinamunay ido ot ibangngad na mo. He was to go to Banawe but he met the bird of omen so he came back. Sim: pitpit. (sem. domains: - Prophecy, - Bird.) 2an omen; usually determined during a divination ritual sacrifice by examining the gall-sac of a chicken. An maphod di idon nan imbaki da? Is the omen good in what they sacrificed?