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putul trans. to cut off an appendage. [Usually used regarding a human body part, but may also refer to appendages of animals or parts of inanimate things.] Putulon day ulum te linaylay-aham nan ibada. They will cut off your head because you have been lying to their sister. Iputul mu nah kad-an di uduna. Cut it near the tip. Naputtul di iwit na. It’s tail was cut off. ‑on/‑in‑, i‑/iN‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑, ma‑/na‑. (sem. domains: 7.8.3 - Cut.)

dukke (sp. var. duke) 1adj. long; to have a specified linear extent or duration. Andukke bo kaya nan ginatang mun linubid. The rope that you bought is long. Andukkedukke nan buuk din lalaki. The man’s hair is very long. Umala da nan tataguh andukken hapang ta ihamad dan igakod nan hagabih di. The men in the forest look for a long branch or pole and to this, they tie the hagabi-bench. aN‑. Dimension quantifier. (sem. domains: 8.2.2 - Long.) 2trans. to lengthen. Dukkayom nan punlubid mu. Make the rope you are twining long. ‑on/‑in‑. (sem. domains: - Extend.) 3proc. to become long as a process without an agent. Paputul mu nan buuk mu ot dumukke damdama. Have a haircut because your hair will become long again, anyway. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. der. kadukke id. andukkey taklena infl. andukke infl. kadukkayan

todok trans. to touch with one finger; to poke. Todkok ya- tuwali hin maatung. Maybe I’ll touch it to feel if it’s hot. Adiyak pakatdok hi olong na te atag-e hiya. I can’t poke his nose because he is tall. Nganney atom an mangitdok an deyan naputulan. How can you touch when your finger is cut off. ‑on/‑in‑, paka‑, mangi‑. 4B Tactile - Touch contact. (sem. domains: - Touch.)

uhiyok (sp. var. uhuyyok) comm. the shoot of a plant; a bud. Adim putulon tun uhiyok di balat. Don’t cut the shoot of this banana plant. Sim: uggut. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

ungot comm. a node on bamboo, canegrass or rattan vine; a point on a stem at which leaves are inserted. Putulom nah ungot na. Cut it at its node. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)