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sapa advpred. to be early. Nasapa kami an bimmangun. We woke up early. Time. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

sapata 1intrans. to make a vow; to promise by the raising of the right hand. Adi maphod nan eta munsapata. It is not good to make vows. muN‑/nuN‑. 1C General class. (sem. domains: - Take oath.) 2trans. to swear or vow a particular thing. Insapata na an adina ipidpidwa. He swore that he will not do it again. i‑/iN‑.

sapatus comm. shoes. Ongal tun ginattang mun sapatus. These shoes you bought are big. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.) Language Of Borrowing: Spanish: zapato.

bayag 1sta. a long time. Nabayag di nundalanan mi ot ahi kami dumatong. We walked a long time before we arrived. Adika makabayyag nah pangitud-akak ke he-a te mabayag ka ke man ya tayanan daka. Do not be a a very long time where I will send you because if you stay there long, we will leave you. ma‑/na‑. 6C Process or state of inanimate objects. Sim: ehem, uhup. (sem. domains: - A long time.) 2duration of an activity. 2.1intrans. for someone to take a long time in doing an activity. Adi mumbayag ya ume da. It will not take long and they will go. Adi mumbayag hidiyen at-attona. He will not continue for a long time in that which he is doing. muN‑/nuN‑. 2.2trans. to take a long time in accomplishing a specific task with the task cross-referenced by the affix. Adim baybayaggon nan at-attom. Do not take so much time in what you are doing. Deket waday insapata yu ya mahapul an adiyu baybayaggon. If you have vowed to do something, it is necessary that you do not delay a long time (before doing what you vowed).. ‑on/‑in‑. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano. infl. nabayag ph. v. adi mumbayag

hinangngab (der. of hangngab) comm. to be in front of someone or something; thought of as a spatial area; in the presence of others. Timmaddog hi hinangngab ku. He stood in front of me. Nunsapata hi hinangngab di dakol an tagu. He made an oath in front of/in the presence of many people. (sem. domains: - In front of.)

talo (sp. var. talotalo) comm. morning star; evening star. Bumangon kah nasapa ta tigom nan talon. Wake up early and see the morning star. Sim: bittuwon; spec: talon binang-alan; spec: talon binakgitan. (sem. domains: - Planet, - Star.) n. ph. talon binang-alan