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tiplag trans. to wrap something with leaves, paper, etc. Itiplag mu nah tubun di kape. Wrap it in the coffee leaf. Tiplagan taku nadan binakle. Let us wrap the rice cakes. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑. 5A Changing site by adding something. Sim: libbut. (sem. domains: - Wrap.)

libbut 1trans. to wrap something. Ilibbut mu nan daun nah dotag. Wrap the meat with the banana leaf. Libbutam nan ginattang nan dotag. Wrap the pork he bought. Lumibbut kan nah tinapay. Wrap some of the bread. (understood to be taken home) ‑an/‑in‑, i‑/iN‑ ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 5A Changing state of site by adding something . Sim: tiplag. (sem. domains: - Wrap.) 2nom. refers to whatever is used for wrapping. Kaanom nan libbut nan kindi ta ahim kanon. Remove the wrapping of the candy before eating. der. libbutan