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tukak comm. a tree frog, thin species. Dakol di tukak nah wa-el. There are many frogs in the creek. Sim: tukyang, kuty’ang; gen: bakbak. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

bakbak 1comm. frog. Manling day bakbak ten umudan. The frogs croak when it rains. Nakangalay bakbak nah hilong. The frogs are very noisy especially at night. spec: tokyang, battug, tukak. (sem. domains: - Reptile.) 2comm. a lot of frogs. Kabakbabakbak di matiboh iggatang dah di. It’s all frogs that can be seen which are sold there. 3trans. to catch frogs. maN‑/naN‑. der. mamakbak id. kay da nadulhukan nan bakbak

kuty’ang comm. frog species that is thin. Kinan nan ulog nan kutyang. The snake ate the frog. Sim: tukak, tukyang. (sem. domains: - Reptile.)

tukyang comm. a frog species, very small; cannot really jump making it a snake’s favorite dish. Kinan nan ulog nan tukyang kinali waday mun-itit nah makape. The snake ate the tukyang-frog that is why there is a hissing sound among the coffee plants. Sim: tukak, kuty’ang. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

na-ala (sp. var. naala) advpred. 1without any reason; no other requirement; simply. Na-ala ya dinuntukak. Without any reason he hit me. Na-ala ot ikamom nan asukar nah arina ot iha-ang mu. Just mix the sugar with the flour and then cook it. Manner. Sim: bigla, maid maptok, hingkatang, maag. 2refers to an action or happening that is unexpected; suddenly. Na-ala ya inhawwang nah tu. Suddenly he showed himself here.

tukbu 1comm. a nettle shrub with violet fruit and leaves which cause itch and stinging pain on the skin. Patpattom nadan tukbu nah dalan ta adida dumakol. Cut the nettles along the path so that they will not multiply. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.) 2sta. to be stung by a nettle shrub. Natukbuwak ya mumpaypatukak. I was stung by the nettle and I was jumping. (lit. nettled) ma‑/na‑.