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uhbung trans. to drop something into or fall into a pit, hole, chute. Uhbungom nan batu nah uwang. Drop the stone into the hole. Nauhbung nan makawa nah bitu. The deer fell into the trap. ‑on/‑in‑, ma‑/na‑. 4D Release, remove or detach object. Sim: og’a, balintuwag, lotwad, tu-un. (sem. domains: - Lower something.)

balintuwag sta. to lose balance and fall. Migawwa kan umbun te mabalintuwag ka man. Sit at the middle for you might lose your balance and fall down. ma‑/na‑. Sim: lotwad, tu-un; Sim: og’a, lotwad, tu-un, uhbung. (sem. domains: - Fall.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

lotwad intrans. to fall backwards with feet going up. Munlotwad kah na hin adim id-on. You will fall backwards there if you will not hold on. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: balintuwag, tu-un; Sim: og’a, balintuwag, tu-un, uhbung. (sem. domains: - Fall.)

og’a₁ 1trans. to drop something. Inggana nan banga ot maphik. He dropped the pot and it broke. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 2to fall. 2.1intrans. to lose balance and fall off or fall down. Mun-oga kah na hin mipinggit ka. You will fall off there if you stay on the side. An pinatnaam di mag-ah nitag-e? Have you ever fallen from a high place? Impakakkag-an nan dibdib nah nihap-e. The wind caused all the clothes in the clothesline to fall. muN‑/nuN‑, ma‑/na‑. Sim: balintuwag, lotwad, tu-un, uhbung. (sem. domains: - Fall.) 2.2pass. for an inanimate thing or animal to fall off or down. Nag-a day bungan di mangga te maid udan. The mango blossoms fell off because there has been no rain. Nag-a nan nuwang ot mate. The carabao fell off and it died. ma‑/na‑. 2.3trans. refers to something falling; the place where it falls is in view. Daanay nag-ahan nan talak? Where did the truck fall off? Adida mag-ahan nadah batun mungkakag-a. They can be safe from the falling pieces of rocks. ma‑ ‑an/na‑ ‑an.

tu-un 1trans. to turn an object upside down. Tu-unom nan basket ta miduyag am-in nan nihudu. Turn the basket upside down so that all the contents will be poured out. Tigom ta adi matu-un. See to it that it will not be turned upside down. ‑on/‑in, ma‑/na‑. 4A Change the structure of an object. Sim: tukkad, hakkub, hukwangngi, tiga-ung; Sim: balintuwag, lotwad; Sim: og’a, balintuwag, lotwad, uhbung. (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something.) 2intrans. Muntu-un ka hin umbun ka nah tawang. You will fall headlong if you sit in the window. muN‑/nuN‑. der. muntu-un