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abuwan (der. of abu) advpred. this predicate expresses the idea that there is only one reason for what someone is doing or the only thing that is involved; the affix cross-references the action or thing. {This is a modality adverbial predicate that modifies an action.} Hay abuwan tun at-atton dan dakamid uwani ya dog-alon dakami tuh boble. The only thing that they want to do to us now is to drive us away from this barrio. Bokon ya abuwan datuwey matibod Manila. These are not the only things that can be seen in Manila. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. Limiting or minimalizing. (sem. domains: - Unique.)

ad uwani (n. ph. of uwani) adv. 1refers to the day at the time of the speech event. Ad uwani aliyan ama an malpud Baguio. Today, Father will come from Baguio. Time. Syn: adn’iman. (sem. domains: - Yesterday, today, tomorrow.) 2refers to the time at hand. Mipalpud uwani ya adik kulkulugon di kalkalyom. Starting now, I will not believe what you say./From now on I will not believe what you say.

ad uwanin toon (n. ph. of toon) adv. refers to the present year. Time. (sem. domains: - Year.)

albuwang comm. boisterous laughter. Restrictions: Hudhud epic. Ag-agam di albuwang didan binabai. How those ladies laugh so boisterously. {literary} Sim: tatawa, gegek, gigi, titit, bog-ak, halekhek, anggak; Sim: bog-ak, halekhek, anggak, bughak. (sem. domains: - Laugh.)

alimadduwan comm. soul/spirit of sacrificed animal; the word is used in rituals. Restrictions: rituals. Idawat miy alimadduwan di manuk. We offer the soul of the chicken. Sim: linnawa, espiritu. (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.)

alluwang 1comm. culvert made of bamboo, fern trunk, or large palm trunks. 2trans. to make a channel for water by making culverts. Mangalluwang dah bigat te makleng di intanom da. They are going to get water tomorrow by making culverts because thier plants are almost withered. maN‑. Sim: tulaluk.

Ampuwal prop. the name of the source god. [Son of brother-sister gods, Kabbigat and Bugan; father of the gods of evil; Dakkawe was his wife.] (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

apuwap (sp. var. apuap) trans. to caress; rub gently a specific body part; massage. Apuwapom di tuktuk na ta mahuyop. Rub her forehead gently so she will go to sleep. Inapuwap inay odog ku ot mibangngad nah pun-ingunu na. She patted my back and returned to her work. Ap-apuwapona ya pinpinhod damdaman nan gawgawa. She smoothed its feathers and the duck liked it. ‑on/‑in‑. 4B Tactile actions. (sem. domains: - Touch.)

balintuwag sta. to lose balance and fall. Migawwa kan umbun te mabalintuwag ka man. Sit at the middle for you might lose your balance and fall down. ma‑/na‑. Sim: lotwad, tu-un; Sim: og’a, lotwad, tu-un, uhbung. (sem. domains: - Fall.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

bangguluwan comm. dragonfly, largest; green with transparent wings; edible. Waday hinumgop an bangguluwan te nan dilag. There’s a big dragonfly which entered because of the light. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

bangkuwa sta. to arise and get out of bed. Nabangkuwa nan patul. (Daniel 6:19) The king arose/got out of bed. (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.)

bimmudal di buwang (comp. of buwang, bud’al) hemorrhoids. n. hemorrhoids; lit. his anus is coming out. Bimmudal di buwang na. He has hemorrhoids. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

bumudduy nitaguwan (id. of nitaguwan) to be killed. (lit. come out of way of life). (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die.)

buwag trans. to uproot plants or trees. Buwagon nan puwok nan tupaya. The storm will uproot the papaya-tree. Bimmoh-olak ke hiya te imme ot ena punbuwag hanadan impatanom lakay ku. I got angry with him because he went and uprooted all those which my husband had planted. Binuwag Jerry hanan abukadu te nakah-nid. Jerry uprooted the avocado because the plants were crowded. Nadan kaiw an tinummol nah natigging ya nalakan mabuwag. The trees that grow on the slope are easily uprooted. Handin immalin nal-ot an udan ya dibdib di gapunah nabuwagan am-in nan intanom kun balat. The cause of the uprooting of all the banana-plants that I planted was the strong rain and wind that came. ‑on/‑in‑, puN‑, ma‑, na‑ ‑an. 4D Release, remove or detach object. (sem. domains: - Uproot plants.)

buwang comm. anus. Kaanom nan buwang di nuwang. Remove the anus of the cow. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) comp. bimmudal di buwang

buwaya comm. crocodile, alligator. Maid hitud Kiangan di buwaya mu hanadan ken aammod ya kalkalyon day buwaya; toan hin daanay nanib-an da. There are no crocodiles in Kiangan but the old folks talk about crocodiles; I don’t know where they have seen them. Tumakutak hi buwaya te kuman hi tagu. I’m afraid of crocodiles because it’s said that they eat people. (sem. domains: - Reptile.)

Deket numballin di kabunyan ya maid kitaguwan. (say. of tagu) There is no life without the sun. (lit. If the sky was changed/exchanged, there would be no life.)

duwa 1quan. two; both. Duwa di poltan da. They have two roosters. Naka-anus da met an duwa? They are both very kind. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.) 2intrans. to do something twice. Naminduwaok. I did it twice. Pidwaom an panganon. Feed it again. Paminduwaom an panganon. Feed it twice. namin‑ ‑on, pamin‑ ‑on, pi‑ ‑on. 3trans. to divide into two pieces. Punduwwaom nan tinapay. Divide the bread into two pieces. pun‑ ‑on. comp. himpulut duwa der. duwwaduwwa der. godwa der. gudwa der. hindudwa der. kadwa der. kadwa der. mikadwa der. mumpidwa der. pidwa der. pimmidwa der. pumpidwaon der. punduwaon

duwag comm. a shelf recessed out under the roof of native houses. Wada nah duwag nadan duyu. The plates are on the shelf under the roof. Sim: patye. (sem. domains: 5.1.1 - Furniture.)

duwampulu (comp. of pulu) quan. two tens; twenty. Duwanpulu kilon nan bulhe. The weight of the beans is twenty kilos. Sim: bainti, dalan. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)

duwampulut lima (comp. of pulu, lima) adj. twenty-five. Number quantifier. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)

guwalya 1comm. to guard; to work to keep something secure. Maid di guwalya nah bangko. There is no guard in the bank. (sem. domains: 6.6 - Occupation.) 2trans. to guard or watch over something or someone. Mungguwalya kah tu ta umeyak nah taptap-ona. Guard here while I go to the upper part. Guwalyaam nan balud ta adi bumtik. Guard the prisoner so that he will not run away. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. Language Of Borrowing: Spanish: guardia.

guwapu adj. handsome; good-looking man. Guwapu nan inayan Maria. Maria’s husband is good-looking. Qualifier. Sim: bullaki. (sem. domains: - Beautiful.)

habuwag trans. to throw something that scatters. Adim ihabuwag nan pantal te umeh matam. Do not throw the sand because it will go in your eyes. i‑/iN‑. 3B Move and release object. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

halinduwa intrans. to be unsure about a decision between two things; to be double-minded; to have doubts about someone or something. An waday munhalinduwan ke ha-on? Is there anyone who doubts me? Adika munhalinduwa. Don’t have any doubts. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: ogon. (sem. domains: - Probably.)