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wadwada-an (der. of wada) exispred. having much of whatever is considered to be wealth; to be rich. Wada nin an wadwada-an da te umat hinay pungkalina. They are probably rich because he talks that way. CV(C)‑ ‑an. (sem. domains: - Rich.)

tonna conj. instead of, implies that the alternative is better. Tipet e hiya udot tonnay ha-on. Why is he the one instead of me.(Why him; not me.) Makahhang-an nadiy he-an wadwada-an di e midattan hi relip, tonnay hanadan maligligatan. Of all people, why should you who have enough be given relief instead of those who are hard-up in life. Tonnay mun-abroad ka ot deyan waday kayam mu nan eka mihmihhaad hituh boble takun naligat di nitaguwan. Why don’t you go abroad instead of staying here in our town where life is hard? Tipet hiyay homkom? Tonnay ha-on! Why is she the one you pity. Why not me! (lit. instead of me) Sim: deman, imbes. (sem. domains: - Instead.)