Tuwali Ifugao - English


kay aluwog di toko (id. of tok’o) an idiom describing someone who drinks too much liquor (lit. mouth like a bamboo-water-container). Kay aluwog di tokom. Your mouth is like a bamboo water container.
kay bakkukul an dumalan (id. of dalan) idiom. to walk slowly (lit. like a turtle walking).
kay bob-an di kidul di bob-a (id. of bob-a) very sharp teeth (lit. teeth are like the teeth of thunder). [The origin of this idiom may relate to the splinters of wood resulting from a tree struck by lightning. When these splinters are found, they are treated as amulets. cf. bob-an di kidul.]
kay bolat di banniyay bolat na (id. of bol’at) refers to skin that is dirty (lit. his skin is like a forest-lizard’s skin).
kay bolat di nuwang di bolat na (id. of bol’at) refers to skin that is rough and unattractive (lit. his skin is like the skin of a carabao).
kay da lalaya tun gamat di dapan ku (id. of laya) idiom. my toes are big and fat (lit. my toes are like ginger)
kay da nadulhukan nan bakbak (id. of bakbak) very noisy (lit. like they watered the frogs).
kay dibdib ya abun munlau (id. of dibdib) all talk and no action (lit. only passing by like the wind).
kay gagahhilang di lingot mu (id. of lingot) to perspire profusely, beads of sweat (lit. your perspiration is like corn)
kay gawgaway pundalan (id. of dalan) idiom. she sways her hips when she walks (lit. like a duck walking/waddling).
kay gawwang (id. of gawwang) to be selfish (lit. like a crow).
kay gumalikom hi bungot na (id. of bungot) to be very angry (lit. his anger is like he will-crunch-by-teeth you).
kay habal di angana (id. of anga) his face is wide; broad-faced (lit. his face is like an upland-camote-patch).
kay hamutin mangan (id. of kan) to have a poor appetite; to eat very little (lit. eat like a bird).
kay hanan adjunct. as if. Kay hanan adi makulug an ihauhaut mu pay. As if it is not true that you are still deceiving. Attitudinal.
kay hinunggop di nuwang (id. of nuwang) someone stomps feet on floor; to walk heavily (lit. like a carabao has entered the house).
kay hubil di nuwang di otak (id. of otak) dull bolo blade (lit. bolo like the lips of the carabao).
kay hukbung di dapana (id. of dapan) He has wide feet. (lit. His feet are like lid-of-a-pot).
kay ka allama (id. of allama) may be said to a child who likes to pinch playmates (lit. You are like a crab).
kay ka babuy an mangan (id. of kan) You smack your lips while eating. (lit. You are like a pig in eating.)
kay ka bakkukul (id. of bakkukul) You are slow moving. (lit. You’re like a turtle.)
kay ka duduk (id. of duduk) You are tall and thin. (lit. You are like a stick.)
kay ka kitob (id. of kitob) You don’t socialize, but mischievous when alone to upset people. ( lit. You are like a bedbug.)
kay ka natuktukan an battikul (id. of battikul) You did not participate in a discussion. This may also be said to someone who is very quiet after a tongue lashing. (lit. You are like a snail that was knocked on.) [This is explained by the fact that a snail pulls inside its shell when tapped on.]
kay ka nun-ingan dale (id. of inga) You are obstinate and do not heed the advice of others. (lit. You are like an eared-jar.)