Tuwali Ifugao - English


kay ka puha (id. of puha) You sneak in quietly. (lit. You are like a cat.)
kay kabayun dumalan (id. of dalan) you are a fast walker idiom. refers to someone walking fast (lit. like a horse walking).
kay kayu palpal (id. of palpal) You-all are very noisy. (lit. You-all are like big-belly-frogs.)
kay kidul di kalim (id. of kali) Your speech is very loud. (lit. Your speech is like thunder.)
kay ku intugal di inatuk (id. of tugal) I lost a lot; I wasted my time, work I lost a lot; I wasted my time, or work. ( It’s like I gambled my tiredness/efforts.)
kay kutson (id. of kutson) very stout (lit. like a cushion).
kay lomam (id. of lomam) so stout they can hardly move (lit. like something heavy is on the chest).
kay matan di puha (id. of puha) keen eyes. to have keen eyes (lit. like the eyes of a cat).
kay munhabun mangan (id. of kan) eating too fast (lit. like scooping-water in eating).
kay na inukmun di puhu na (id. of puhu) He is nervous or experiencing panic (lit. It’s like he swallowed his heart.)
kay naapuyan di tokok (id. of ap’uy) a person can’t stop talking (lit. It’s like my mouth is burning.)
kay nahiliyan di tipam (id. of hili) fidgety refers to someone who is restless. (lit. It’s like your butt is peppered.)
kay nanganan di ahuy nanganan yu (id. of kan) a table top is very messy (lit. It’s like some dogs have just eaten where you ate.).
kay nanganan di gulding (id. of kan) grass is not well-cut (lit. It’s like it was eaten by a goat.).
kay nanganan di kabayu (id. of kan) grass is not well-cut (lit. It’s like it was nibbled by a horse.).
kay napaktiwan di tipam (id. of paktiw) You are fidgety. (It’s like you have chili -pepper on your buttocks.)
kay napdit di apgu na (id. of apgu) He is a slow-growing person. (It is like his gallbladder is crushed.)
kay natukal an bulangon (id. of bulangon) to feel lazy (lit. like a sleepy monkey).
kay nomnom di buding (id. of bud’ing) idiom. to be dumb, not smart (lit. to have the mind of a bird). Hiyay kay nomnom di buding. As for him, he is stupid (it’s like he has the mind of a bird).
kay ota (id. of ota) to be glaringly different from a group; oddball (lit. like unhusked-rice-mixed-in).
kay palpal (id. of palpal) to have a big stomach (lit. like a big-belly frog).
kay palyuk di inga na (id. of palyuk) His ears are very big. (lit. His ears are like a vat.)
kay polpol di ulpum (id. of polpol) You have big thighs. (Your thighs are like a laundry paddle.)
kay ta makiboklan nuwang (id. of bokla) We two are working hard for wages. (lit. It’s like we two are joining to work with a carabao.)
kay wa-el di ihbu na (id. of ihbu) refers to a large amount of urine being excreted (lit. Your urinating is like a river.)