Tuwali Ifugao - English


nimamantuk hi ulu (id. of ulu) an idiom referring to always remembering something (lit. always placed on top of head).
nimpe adjunct. intensifies by implying the correctness or certainty of something that has been said before; it is so. Nuntudokak ke hiya nimpe. I wrote to him did I not say that? Adikah na, nimpe. Get out of there, I said so. Attitudinal. (sem. domains: - Certainly, definitely.)
nin adjunct. modifies a statement as expressing a tentative possibility; perhaps; possibly; maybe. Umali nin hi biggatna. He may possibly come tomorrow morning. Pangalim nin kattog di babale nadan udum bon matibo mo bokon ta datuwe nan kalyon an bapor. You think maybe what you see are houses but these are what they call ships. Andaan mo ta deket waday takon di ittay an hinapulan an pihu ya intalu ta nangmung hi udum an algo an ahi nin makahhapul. When you have found just a little money, why not keep it for a rainy day when you might need it badly. Attitudinal. (sem. domains: - Possible.) comp. deke pe nin ta comp. wada nin ph. v. damana man nin
nipa- caus. this prefix encodes a non-agentive passive-causative; past tense. Nipaali nadan bulwatim. Your clothes were brought here. Nipae da Pedro ke Juan ot mibangngad dah kad-an nadan iibba da...(Acts 4:23) Peter and John were released and so they returned to their companions... Sim: mipa-. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)
nipa- -an pass. this circumfix encodes passive, causative, topicalization; past tense. Datuwen am-in di nipaannungan nan nitudok nah kalin Apu Dios....(Romans 2:24a) All of these are the fulfillment of the written word of God... Ipaali na boy kolyog ya iwagot na nadan batun nipab-unan tun luta. (Job 9:6) He will again bring an earthquake and he will shake the rocks that are seated on the earth. Sim: mipa- -an. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)
nipalpu pass. refers to the starting of an event or a time. Dimmatong kami ad Lagawe ya nipalpu mo tuwaliy parada. When we reached Lagawe, the parade had already started. Nipalpu mon diye ya adik pinhod an kumayat takon di niakhop nan kaiw. Since that time (lit. starting at that time), I do not like to climb even small trees. (sem. domains: - Start something.)
nipatak di mata (id. of mata) idiom. an idiom meaning to focus eyes on something (lit. eyes are nailed). Nipatak matana. His eyes are focused on something.
nipottokan (id. of pottok) an idiom meaning to be married to (lit. to be placed directly in front, above or under).
nipuunan (der. of puun) pass. to be the foundation or basis of something that is stated. Limpiyu ya maandong di nipuunan di pun-ap-apuwam. (Psalm 89:14) Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your ruling. Sim: kipuunan. (sem. domains: - Basis.)
nitag-ey banga da (id. of banga) an idiom meaning that someone is late to an event or activity (lit. their pot was placed high, implying that it takes a long time to cook).
nitaguwan pass. 1lifestyle; way of life. An pinhod muh naen nitaguwam? Do you like your lifestyle? ni‑ ‑an. Sim: biyag. (sem. domains: - Nature, character.) 2refers to a person’s life. Tibon yu ta makangngun-unud kayun Apu Dios ta maphod di nitaguwan yu. Be careful to fully follow God so that your life will be good. (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life.) id. bumudduy nitaguwan id. pa-iyon di nitaguwan say. Intaklayan di nitaguwan.
nitungawan (infl. of tungo) pass. a passive form meaning birthday, i.e. the day of having been birthed. Kanan apunay ahina idattan hi ligaluna hantuh madatngan an algon di nitungawana. His grandfather promised to give him a gift on his next birthday. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth.)
niyug 1comm. may refer to the coconut or the coconut palm. An kayam an kumayat dih niyug? Can you climb the coconut palm? Deket bokon danum di iusal ta hay gatan di niyug ya nan mamangulun pumpohpohan hi niyug di iusal. If one prefers coconut milk rather than water, then use the first extract. Sim: bitnung. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 5.2 - Food.) 2comm. riddle Wada nan ohan bunga, duway matana, ohan tokona. (niyug) There is one fruit, two eyes and one mouth. (coconut) 3sta. to be food containing coconut milk or flesh. Naniyugan nan kindi. The candy has coconut. na‑ ‑an. n. ph. apit di niyug n. ph. danum di niyug n. ph. nanong an niyug
no (sp. var. of =o) adjunct. pause sound.
nomnom 1comm. refers to the mind, both the intellect and emotions reside in the mind; the mind thinks and feels. Mahakit di nomnom na. His feelings are hurt. Maid di nomnom mu. You have no sense at all. Ta hay mamangulun umalih nomnom na ya nunna-ud an mate. So the first thing that comes to his mind is he is sure to die. Sim: laing. (sem. domains: 3.2.1 - Mind.) 2sta. to be intelligent; mature in thought. Nanomnoman te inilanay kalkalyona. He is mentally matured because he knows what he is talking about. ma‑ ‑an/na‑ ‑an. (sem. domains: - Mature in behavior.) 3think. 3.1intrans. to think; to recall; durative aspect in the thinking. Munnomnomnom hi kalyona. He is thinking on what to say. muN‑/nuN‑. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think.) 3.2trans. to think about something specific. Nomnomom ta ahika kumali. Think before you talk. Nomnomom di kinalim ke hiya. Recall what you told him. Ninomnom nay imbagan amanan din hi Antonio. He remembered what his late father, Antonio, told him. Bahul nadan nangipunduwana te uggeda ninomnom di aton da It was the fault of those who were put in-charge because they didn’t think about what they will do. on/in. 4E Perception and Cognition. 3.3nom. refers to the knowledge which results from thinking. Maid di ena id-um hi kanomnoman ya mumbalin tan kay hiyyahiyya. Nothing is added to your wisdom/knowledge and we may become proud and boastful. ka‑ ‑an. 3.4trans. to do something in remembrance of something or someone. Inomnom mu nah inat dan he-a handi Do it in remembrance of what they did to you before. i‑/iN‑. 3.5nom. refers to a noun-like thought process. Hay punnomnom ku ya wada nin an dakdakkol di naat mu, mu hituwe. My thinking was that you would have done much more than this. Ya hay gapunah adina pangitikodan ya alanganin di biyag na hi punnomnom na. And the reason he does not stop is he thinks his life would be uncertain. puN‑. der. kanomnoman id. had-om ta maba-oy nomnom da id. mahakit di nomnom. id. maid nomnom na. id. malumman di nomnom id. nabuluk di nomnom id. nalatiyan di nomnom id. napat-alan di nomom id. natalak di nomnom id. ugge nanomnoman infl. manomnom infl. nomnomon
nomnomon (infl. of nomnom) trans. to think about something or someone in particular. <Morphology: Whatever is being thought about is cross-referenced by the affix.> ‑on/‑in‑. 4E Perception and Cognition. Sim: namnamat, hikal. (sem. domains: - Think about.)
nona 1comm. a collection of yellowish fluid resulting from the infection of a wound; pus. Waday nona nah nahbit hi huki na. His foot with a splinter has pus. Pipiyom nan sugat na ta bumuddu di nona na. Press his wound to remove its pus. (sem. domains: 2.2 - Body functions.) 2intrans. the process of forming pus. Munnonona nan nag-od hi taklena. The cut on his hand has pus. Manonaan nan nahbit hin adim kaanon nan hubit. Pus will form on the wound if you do not remove the splinter. muN‑/nuN‑, ma‑ an/na‑ ‑an.
nonol comm. bird species. (sem. domains: - Bird.)
north comm. a word borrowed from English to refer to the direction. (sem. domains: - North, south, east, west.)
nu conj. a conjunction that marks a condition; if. Ahika umali nu maid di at-attom. Come after me if you have nothing to do. Etaku ke po umala, nu kaya taku. Let’s also get one if we can afford it. Subordinating conjunctions. Sim: hin, deket, konnat. (sem. domains: - Sentence conjunctions, - Condition.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.
numbattanan (infl. of battan) intrans. refers to something that is in between two other things. Ihaad mu tun ubunan nah numbattanan din duwan kaiw. You put this chair between those two trees. Hiya di numbattanan mi nah udidiyan. He is the one born between me and the youngest. nuN‑ ‑an. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)
numero comm. refers to the sum of units or entities; number. Intudok nay numero hi kamahita na. He wrote a number on his shirt. Sim: uyap, bilang. (sem. domains: 8.1.1 - Number.) Language Of Borrowing: Spanish.
numpa- caus. this prefix encodes a causative agent and cross-references that person; past tense. Hi Maria di numpabayu. Maria had rice pounded. Dahdiy numpataluh libutan? Who had the pouch hidden? Nan hakit nay numpapalak ke ha-on. It’s the pain that made me groan. Sim: mumpa-. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)
numpahpahmok (infl. of homok) caus. to plead for pity; with causative affixation, the meaning becomes to ask someone for compassion to be shown. Numpahpahmok dat ipae na nan iba da. They pleaded with him to release their relative. Ot mumpahpahmok dan APU DIOS ot baddangana dida. (1Samuel 12:8b) They pleaded with God to pity and help them. mumpa‑/numpa‑. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request, - Ask.)
numpa- -an caus. this circumfix encodes a subject-causative agent with the cross-referencing of a site-object; past tense. [The site-object is often semantically a recipient or beneficiary of the action encoded in the verb.] Nganney ginun-ud yuh eyu numpabaddangan hanadah iEgypt ya iAssyria? (Jeremiah 2:18a) What did you gain by helping the Egyptians and the Assyrians? Hi Herod damdama ya nadan tindaluna ya tinaltalanggaan da ya numpadngolan da. (Luke 23:11) Herod and his soldiers also mocked and ridiculed him (Jesus). Sim: pumpa- -an; Sim: mumpa- -an. (sem. domains: - Verb affixes.)