punu 1trans. to fill a container. Punuwom nan aluwog hi liting. Fill the bamboo tube with water. Pinnuk nan lata. I filled the can. ‑on/‑in‑. 4F Adjacency/Adjoining actions. 2pass. to be filled. Napnu nan latah liting. The can is filled with water. Tibom ta adi makapnu. See to it that it won’t be too full. Indani ya mungkapnu nan lata. After a while the can was almost full. ma‑/na‑, maka‑, mungka‑. (sem. domains: 8.1.8 - Full.) 3trans. to fill a container; the agent is cross-referenced. Ha-oy mamnu nan buwod. I’ll be the one to fill the jar. maN‑/naN‑.