Hudhud 1prop. an epic song; narrations that reflect the life of the early Ifugao and their cultural values; during the past, the epics were chanted while harvesting rice and during the wake of elderly persons. Inilak di hudhud Aliguyun ad Hananga. I know the epic of Aliguyun of Hananga. (sem. domains: 3.5.4 - Story.) 2sing a Hudhud epic. 2.1intrans. to sing the epic; the singing activity is prominent. Munhudhud nadan mun-ani. The harvesters are singing the Hudhud epic. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: Alim. 2.2trans. to sing the epic with prominence on manner. Ihudhud mu di ohan mahaldot. Sing one epic that is interesting (sung with clear enunciation). i‑/iN‑.