This Dictionary and Grammar Sketch is largely based on the way the language was spoken during the years in which we resided in Kiangan, Ifugao Province (1981-1991). Data collection and the analysis of the grammar and compilation of the entries of the dictionary coincided with the translation of the Bible into Tuwali Ifugao; the translation work continued through the years until the completion of the Bible in 2004. Review and revision of this Dictionary and Grammar Sketch continued for the following nine years.

Four different computer programs have been used as they have been developed and refined over the years by SIL International. The first was a schema and program designed by SIL colleagues in the Philippines. The second was the Shoebox program. The third program used was LinguaLinks. And finally, the dictionary was parsed into Fieldworks Language EXplorer/ FLEX. Each of these programs was helpful in shaping the fields that present information about the language and its use.