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gapad sta. to be immature, refers to a young, immature bird. Nakna nan nagapad an balug nah lingon. That young pigeon was caught in the trap. na‑. 6D Descriptives. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

gawgawa (sp. var. gawgawwa) 1comm. duck. Dakol di gawgawa da. They have plenty of ducks. E mumpakan hi gawgawa, manuk ya ahu. He will go feed the ducks, chickens and dog. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2intrans. to raise ducks. Munggawgawa ka ta waday uggan taku ihda. Raise ducks so that once in a while we will have something for viand. muN‑/nuN‑.

gawwang comm. a bird that preys on chicks and small birds; a crow or a hawk. [The bird makes a wak, wak sound.] Kinan di gawwang nan impan di manok. The crow ate the baby chicken. Sim: ban’ug, halagma, mangayyuding, butbut; spec: mangayyuding, bannug. (sem. domains: - Bird.) id. kay gawwang

gayyang comm. any black fowl; usually a chicken. Natalak nan gayyang an poltan ku. My black rooster is lost. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

gulingaw comm. bird species. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

gulukay comm. chicken. Restrictions: Rituals. Napnuy kubi da hi gulukay. Their coops are full of chickens. Sim: manuk. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

habhablug comm. bird species; small, similar to the kikkiku bird. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

hab-u comm. whistler bird species; white-bellied bird of forest, light blue; eats fruit; can be roasted and eaten, slightly smaller than pigeon, makes the sound kat, kat, katkat. Dakol day hab-u ad uwani. There are many whistler-birds now. Timmayap nan hab-u hi hinangngab da. The whistler-bird flew in front of them. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

haggomla (sp. var. hagamla) comm. bird species; like an eagle. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

hakyab intrans. to lay eggs. Nunhakyab nan manuk. The chicken laid eggs. Himmakyab nan manuk ot ob-obana. The chicken laid eggs and hatched them. muN‑nuN‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

halagma comm. hawk species, brown spotted with white on the breast. Intayap nan halagma nan impan di manuk. The hawk flew away with the chick. Sim: ban’ug, mangayyuding, butbut, gawwang. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

halimukon comm. wild pigeon species, edible. [This specie is similar to the ut-ut-bird; it lives in the forest; it is edible and tastier than other pigeon species.] Mundallanan nan halimakon nah luta. The wild pigeon was walking on the ground. Sim: ut-ut. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

hamuti comm. generic name for birds. Nganne pe nan hamuti an ib-ibbaag nay ngadana? What is the bird that keeps calling its name? Dakol di hamuti nah muyung. There are many birds in the forest. spec: bud’ing, kulkultit, kikkiku, kulasisi, ullalangi. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

hikot (sp. var. hikkot) comm. a bird species; gray with a long tail; slightly bigger than a pigeon; edible. Kinnan nan unga on hikot. The little boy caught a hikot-bird. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

himbat comm. the beak of a bird or poultry. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

hobat 1comm. the beak of fowls. Maingit di hobat na. Its beak is red. Makayyam-o nan hobat di impan di manuk. The beak of a chick is very soft. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2trans. to peck. Hobaton daka man! It might peck you! Humbat nan ina te ka-ap-ana. The hen pecks because it has just hatched its chicks. ‑on/‑in‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 4B Tactile - Touch contact. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

hokhok comm. bird species. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

huplawwit (sp. var. duplawwit) comm. hummingbird. Pinukot nan unga on huklawit. The boy caught a hummingbird with adhesive sap. Waday linattik nah huplawwit nah wa-el. He caught a hummingbird with his slingshot at the creek. Trochilidae (sem. domains: - Bird.)

ido comm. 1omen bird, sometimes called pitpit; red, small, black and brown breast. [The kulkultit bird is often seen in the same vicinity. It has been said that the ido-bird feeds on the kulkultit-bird.] E ot ume ad Banawe ya dinamunay ido ot ibangngad na mo. He was to go to Banawe but he met the bird of omen so he came back. Sim: pitpit. (sem. domains: - Prophecy, - Bird.) 2an omen; usually determined during a divination ritual sacrifice by examining the gall-sac of a chicken. An maphod di idon nan imbaki da? Is the omen good in what they sacrificed?

in’ah comm. hen. Pinaltimi nan inah. We butchered the hen. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

itik 1comm. a duck, non-incubating species, lays lots of eggs without hatching them. Munlanghiy itik an ihda. The itik-duck tastes fishy when used for viand. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2intrans. to raise itik ducks. Mun-itik ka ot deyan dakol di kanon dah upok. Raise itik-ducks; anyway there is a lot of rice-bran for them to eat. muN‑/nuN‑.

kalaw (sp. var. kalao) comm. bird species, heron-like. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kannaway comm. spoonbill bird found in ricefields in the lowlands. (sem. domains: - Bird.)

kango comm. 1hornbill bird, makes the sound kalao, kalao at 5:00 pm, known as the forest clock. Maid da moy kango ad Kiangan. There are no more kango-birds in Kiangan. Sim: dungdung. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2male headdress like a hornbill. [The headdress is a simulated skull and beak of the hornbill bird and decorated with feathers, beads and cotton; worn during the tobab dance at the end of the uya-uy feast.] Gen: gamgam. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.)

kawitan 1comm. rooster; cock. Ongal nan kawitan Francis. The rooster of Francis is big. Syn: poltan. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2nom. to use a rooster for breeding purposes. Banhok nan manuk mut pungkawitan ku. I’ll borrow your rooster for breeding. puN‑ ‑an.