sisyo'advreluctant ; leave be ; disobedientles ; bikhetŊupe ŋaiye tinge yasande wusyep ta'e luku pe, tinge sisyo' yarp.When they heard that kind of talk, they let it be.Long taim ol i harim dispela kain tok, ol i les na stap tasol.Ŋupe ŋaiye lenge miye' yeteke'e lenge miye' wondoh yat pe, tinge yasme Pol sisyo' gan.When they saw the soldiers come, they let go of Pol/they left Pol be.Long taim ol man i lukim ol soldia i kam, na ol larim Pol i stap.Tinge yukur yende wah. Tinge sisyo' yarp.They did not work. They just were (there).Ol i no mekim wok. Ol i les na stap nating.Tinge yende sisyoꞌ me kin, kom kin nikirh mane tinge.They were reluctant/disobedient, but he carried their burdens.Ol i bikhet long en, tasol em i karim hevi bilong ol.

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