ŋoihmbwaipheart-livernego ; feelings ; inner being ; thinkingbel ; tingtingŊoihmbwaip tinge hriphrip.They are happy.Ol i amamas.Ŋoihmbwaip kin nihe supule.He was very angry.Em i belhat nogut tru.Pa ŋoiheryembe yil yoto ŋoihmbwaip yip tuꞌe leꞌe.You will think like this in your inner being.Yupela bai tingim insait long bel bilong yupela olsem.Talah iki semihyer' ŋonombe pe, kin ŋasande ŋoihmbwaip kin syohe.That child has a bad cold and feels pain in his heart-liver/inner being.Dispela pikinini i gat kus, na em i filim nogut long bel.

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