tatamev uninfl.able ; can ; untilinapMa murp tutume ŋaiye na ot.I stay until you will come.Bai mi stap inap bai yu kam.Ŋam tatame ma ilyeh mil.I can go alone.Mi inap mi wanpela bai go.tutumeirr.enough ; until ; able to do somethingNa orp el tutume ŋaiye na iche wuhyau tutume ŋaiye tinge si yalaŋatme.You will be there until you pay (lit. throw) the money which they have marked.Ŋaiye miyeꞌ ende ka tutume ŋaiꞌe ŋaiꞌe tetehei lalme ŋaiye kekep no, ...If a man has enough of all things of ground, ...Kin ka se ende wah e tutume sande teke'e ŋaiye kin si nambaꞌe.He will make work according to knowledge which he has received.

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