-anahprep.von top ; go on top of ; go upantap ; go antapTinge yanah hwate.They went on top of the mountain.Ol i go antap long maunten.Moi embere ende ŋaiye sai nanah hwate yukur ka se tise.A big place on top of mountain cannot hide.Bikpela ples antap long maunten i no inap long hait i stap.cf.na nahon ; above-unuhirr.go up ; ascendKin ŋana lenge miye' wondoh nange ka yamba'e Pol yenge yi yunuh yokoh.He told the soldiers to take Pol up into the house.Ŋam ma mi munuh hwate luku monombe hro'.I will go up that mountain to shoot pigs.cf.e -unuhmi munuh

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