Vasui - English


e1arta, theE kuʼ to kot e koaʼ.The pig bit the child.2n.mrkrn mrkrE Sosoenën se vaato en po teʼ.God will talk to the man.3tr.mrkrtransitive marker suffix non 3 person, transitive marker suffix 3 personKee hikta matop tiroëʼ e ne poë.And they indeed won't look after it much.
e--pronoun marker prefixEmöm to hikiʼ.We(excl) are sweating.
ea1sbj.prnwe (incl)Ea to teʼ no manih.We(incl) will stay here.2rflx.prnhimself, herself, itselfEʼ, ea se nö Buka.He, himself is going to Buka.
eah1obj.prnhim, her, itE Vatavisi to soe ke eah.Vatavisi told him.2poss.prnhis, her, it's, 3s possEʼ to kök a koreneah pa tanaon.He broke his arm with the stick.
EaiPrp.NAi, place
eanvswim (to)E koaʼ to nat en pa ean manih ruen.The child knows how to swim in the water.
EbelBiblical SourceAbelPrp.NAbel, nameManih po vaman pe Ebel, e Sosoenën to pokaʼ voh poan a teʼ totoopin.With Abel's faith God had called him a straight (righteous) man.
Ebel-SitimPrp.NAbel Shittim, place Manuh pa moeh sui va Moap nee to u’uu tanu suk ee pa sinten a Jödën taneo non ma’ Bët-Jesimöt ko öök non Ebel-Sitim.
EfraëmBiblical SourceEfraimPrp.NEphraim, nameEʼ to nö, pareʼ teʼ non pa vöön nee to popokaʼ ne Efraëm.He went, and he stayed at the village which they called Ephraim.
eh1vactive (to be), callous (to be), ridgid (to be), set like cement (to be), strong (to be)A panis vëh a pah eh rakah.This bandage is indeed very strong.2ncallous (a), powerA eh pe voe to kikis.The power of the man is strong.
ehehvstrong (to continually be)Eöm se pënton vavih, o upöm teʼ to eheh e ne pan,...You(p) listen closely, other people are continuing to be strong...
EhësBiblical SourceAhasPrp.NAhaz, nameKe Ehës voh e taman e Hesekaëaʼ.And Ahaz was the father of Hezekiah .
ehonvcough (to)Eʼ to ehon vatëh..He always coughs.
ekeokadjbuilder, carpenterEʼ e koaʼ poʼ pa teʼ ekeok toh, ke sinaneah e Mariaʼ,He really is the child (son) of a person who builds (carpenter), and his mother is Mary...
EkimBiblical SourceAkimPrp.NAkim, nameKe Ekim teʼ non e taman e Eriut.And Akim was the father of Eliud.
EksodasBiblical SourceEksodasPrp.NExodus. nameEksodas eʼ a buk sune koman a Buk Baëbel.Exodus is a small book in the Bible.
ElaëjaʼBiblical SourceElaijaPrp.NElijah, nameO puk pe Sosoenën to soe non pan a teʼ vanënën soe vëh e Elaëjaʼ se nö maʼ.The book of God says that this foretelling talk person (prophet) is Elijah who will come. a ma tah to nok ne pa ma riu elepen,...and the things made of elephant teeth,
EliBiblical SourceEliPrp.NEli, nameËhnan e voe ivëh, Eli.That mans name is, Eli.
EliakimBiblical SourceEliakimPrp.NEliakim, Eliakim e koaʼ pe Meleaʼ,...and Eliakim was the child (son) of Melea,
EliësaʼBiblical SourceElieserPrp.NEliezer, Josuaʼ e koaʼ pe Eliësaʼ,...and Joshua was the child (son) of Eliezar,
ElimasBiblical SourceElimasPrp.NElymas, nameIvëhkëk, e Bajisas a meh ëhnaneah 'e Elimas' po to Grik, eʼ to iu vöknah non o vavaasis pe Banabas pen Söl...But, Barjesus his other name was Elymas in the language of Greece, he wanted to put down the teaching of Barnabas and Saul...
ElimëlëkPrp.NElimekek ; name
ElmadamBiblical SourceElmadamPrp.NElmadam, Elmadam e koaʼ pe Er,...and Elmadam was the child (son) of Er,
EloiBiblical SourceEloiPrp.NEloi, name“Eloi, Eloi, rama sapaktani?”"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me"?