Vasui - English


uvbuild (to)Eeh, Sunön, eʼ to vih non pea to teʼ no manih kuru, kën se nom iu nom, köʼ u eoʼ pa kukön tanu manih.Lord, it is good we are here today, and should you(sg) want then I will build three tents here.
uaiaʼEnglishwaiancable, wireA uaiaʼ vëh to kekenan.This wire is crooked.
uaropinwallabyA uaropi vëh to koroh.This wallaby is sleeping.
uatnfrogA uat to ihoʼ non sinten ruen.The frog sits near the water.
uh1vanoint (to), perfume (to), smear (to)Koe a uh a neoʼ po oeh.Don't smear me with dirt..2nperfumeE köövo to vatëk maʼ po uh peʼ.The woman adorned (herself) with her perfume.
uhendam (a)Manuh Ramuʼ to teʼ non a uhe.There at Ramu is a dam.
uhinncold (have a)A uhin to öt e koaʼ soneʼ keʼ mët.A cold holds the little child then he died.
uhioʼvlike (to be), tell (to)...o upöm to ep a tah ne Ieesuʼ to nok manih pe Lasarus, pare nö ee manuh po Parësiʼ, ko uhioʼ ke pee pa ma taeah neʼ to nok ee he ep ne....the others saw the thing Jesus did to Lazarus, and they went to the Pharisees and told them what things he did at that time they watched.
uhitnTahitian chestnutsKa nö e pa oes uhit.Then we go to harvest Tahitian chestnuts.
uhönnrainA uhön to hik en.The rain is finished.
uhuvbath (to), wash (to)Köʼ se nö ko uhu maʼ manuh ruen.Then I will go and bath there in the river.
uhuhvforbid (to)(by placing a thorny branch), rub (to continually)[rubbing], taboo (to)Ka ma kakoʼ nee to vavoen voh ne ivarih, sinamon, töʼtöʼ ënëën, a ma tah ësës ovoavuh vih, a tah uhuh ovoavuh vih,...And the cargoes which they had been buying, these ones, cinnamon, ginger (spice) for eating, good smelling things for burning (incense), good smelling grease for rubbing the body,...
uhuhinvcough (to have a cough)E koaʼ to uhuhin vatëh, eöʼ kikta koroh.The child always coughed and I could not sleep.
uinEnglishwinvdefect (to), win (to)Eöʼ to uin.I won.
uintoʼnwindowEʼ to kuʼ taneʼ maʼ po uintoʼ va pa iuun va kin pa vakön piprom ko vuʼ en na po oeh.He fell from the window of the high house from the third wall room and fell to the ground.
ukvwhimper (to)E koaʼ to uk non.The child is whimpering.
UlaiʼPrp.NUlai, place
umaʼ1vcover up (to), kiss (to)E voe to umaʼ e koaʼ peʼ.The man kissed his child.2nkiss (a)E koaʼ to iu rakah a umaʼ.The child indeed likes a kiss.
umevforget (to)E koaʼ to ume a puk peʼ.The child forgot her book.
umuumvmend (to)E köövo se umuum a rara peʼ.The woman will mend her waistcloth.
unanany other hook, fish hookA una a tah rëhrëh iian.A fish hook is the thing for pulling (catching) fish. Ee se kon kurus a ma tah no masinë to nonok ne a kiu manih pa Pok, vamanih pa tis pa vahoʼ a suraʼ me a una me a ma savo sosoneʼ me peret sosoneʼ pa kon o eraʼ va po heʼ.
unat1vflood (to), overflow (to)A ruen to unat.The water is flooded.2nflood (a)A unat to apuh rakah.The flood is big indeed.
unaʼnsmall edible fish (very)A napan to kon a unaʼ peo.The people caught many very small edible fish.
unöhncloudUnöh to pöm a muhin.The cloud wrapped around the area.
ununöh1vclouded over (to be)Manih Ukarumpaʼ to ununöh vörep.Here at Ukarumpa it is really clouded over.2adjcloudyA ununöh akis manuh kin The cloudy sky up high.