vainadj.1(without use; meaning or result): kpali; jaala. A vain attempt: moo jaala2in vain: a) without the desired result: jaala jaala; kpali kpali; moo ‘guo; we; yaling.All our work was in vainTi tuma ni jaa da iye jaala.b) without respectdi fiengye; buong jaala.Take the name of God in vainDi Naangmini ‘yuori fiengye3(conceited)jigiha; ira tangkama; ‘chere.She’s vain of her beautyu tari u vielung ni ‘chere ‘to.vaingloryn.tangkama; jigihibu; ‘wuli-n-minga.vaingloriousadj.jigiha; ‘wuno minga; ‘wuli-n-minga daana.

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