-jachichipl.-janainünon-masc.-jatüirüaffsfxThis verb suffix indicates that an action almost took place but did not. In some cases the context may indicate that the action had been intended but was frustrated by some circumstance.Este sufijo verbal indica que una acción casi se realizó pero no. En ciertos casos el contexto puede indicar una circunstancia que impidió la realización de la acción deseada.Aꞌluwajünajatüirü maꞌi.It was almost stolen. (the owner arrived just in time to stop the thief)Aꞌyaatünapüꞌüshi taya emetut, ouktajachichi taya sütüma.I was regularly beaten severely, I nearly died from it.cf-eemata-ichi 1-taaichejeꞌe

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