Note: For the abbreviations, italics are used for "parts of speech", for classes of "lexical relations", and for classes of "inflectional variants". Standard type is used for types of other "variants", for types of "notes", and for types of "complex forms".

abs. absolutive
adj adjective
adj rel relative adjective
adv adverb
adv rel relative adverb
aff affix
ant antonym
cf compare
comp. compound
conj conjunction
conj rel relative conjunction
ctprt counterpart
der. derivative
dial.var. dialectal variant
enc. encyclopedic information
fr.var. free variant
gen generic
grad gradation
gram. grammar note
id. idiom
interj interjection
masc. masculine
n noun
non-masc. non-masculine
nposs possessed noun
phr.vb. idiomatic verb phrase
pl. plural
poss. possessed form
post postposition
pron pronoun
pt part
recip reciprocal kin
seq sequence
sg. singular
sp.var. spelling variant
spec specific
syn synonyms
time time
unspec.comp.form unspecified complex form
vi intransitive verb
voc. vocative
vs stative verb
vt transitive verb
wh whole