WordPress Installation

After you've configured your webserver, you can install WordPress.
WordPress has a variety of documents online describing how to install WordPress, depending on your operating system and where you want to install it.

Installation Documentation from WordPress

Installing WordPress. Excellent documentation, and a must read if you are installing WordPress on your own.

WordPress Post Revision Tracking (Optional)

By default, WordPress keeps track of the changes you have made to your posts. While this may be a nice feature for a blog, it is unnecessary for an online dictionary. Your entries should be stored elsewhere, such as in FieldWorks. If you leave Post Revision Tracking on, you'll just have extra records lying around in your database doing nothing. If you want to turn it off, find the wp-config.php in the wordpress directory. Open it with a text editor and add the following line in the file:

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

Save the file and you're set.