The Xavante people group of Brazil number around 19,000 total and reside in the state of Mato Grosso on 6 non contiguous reservations, in 80 villages. When outsiders came to the region in the 1950s many contracted deseases and the size of the population was reduced. Soon they abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and became agrarian.

The language is classified as Jean, Central. The ISO code is [xav]. Alternate names for the language include: A’uwe Uptabi, A’we, Akuên, Akwen, Awen, Chavante, Crisca, Pusciti, Shavante, and Tapacua. The people call themselves A’uwẽ.

The people highly value their language. Only about 3,000 of them speak limited Portuguese. There is some instruction being done in the language. A Grammar has been produced.