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nThe black parts of the decoration on a bride’s face.decoration on faceBettadanun ne alis-alis pangantinin.Put the black decoration on the bride now.15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo apply black decoration to a bride’s face.Alis-alisanunne pangantinin, pinahāpan.Apply the black decoration to the bride, to make her pretty.Sinengalis-ngalisan pangantinin?Who has applied the black decoration to the bride?bulak-bulak


nA dot-pattern (on the faces of bride and groom).It is made with a paste of borak mei-mei and applied with a specially prepared stamp to the face and sometimes to hands and
feet also.
dot-patternHiretbulak-bulakpangantin iyan.The dot-patterns of that bride are close together.Bettiknen kuweˈ bulak-bulak hadja.Its pattern is simply like a dot-pattern.tanyak-tanyak15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies


nA molded mound of rice on a platter.It usually has fish and vegetables arranged around it and often is decorated with
rice cakes on the outside. The rice is packed tightly and smoothed with a little oil
on the outside. It is usually covered with a colorful foodcover made of leaves. A
dulang is an essential part of all ceremonies. It may not be eaten until after the official
part of the ceremony has taken place.
Maghinang kami dulang pagduwaˈahan kami naˈan si bulan Mawulud inin.We make a rice mound for our prayer ceremony in this month of Mawulud.sampul21.2Rice and other staplesRice and other staples14.9Offerings, gifts, tithesOfferings, gifts, tithes15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies


nA decorated structure (esp. for the celebration of a graduation from the studies in
the Qur’an).
decoration for graduation ceremonyThe structure is made of a center post with a firm base. Some distance from the ground
boards are fixed to make a platform that is surrounded by carved and painted boards.
On this platform rice cakes panyām, and/or vegetables, rice, oil, coconut, sprouting coconut pentusan, - anything for cooking - are piled. A roof is made of pieces of banana trunk on
which another kind of rice cakes are fixed. This again is decorated with flags, eggs, candy, and other decorations including flower-like
things made of rice flour and water dried in the sun or halfmoon shaped rice cakes
panyam (selibulan) fixed on sticks. Sometimes a maligey has three or more stories each one with its roof.
Pinanjihan maligeynen panammat iyehin.Her decorated structure had flags when she graduated.palumaˈ-lumaˈ14.13ObjectsObjects15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies


nA flag (national flag or any flag for decoration at festivities).flag, aTellukololpanji Pilipinasin.The Philippine flag has three colors.Inelligan pangantin lellahin duk panji.The bridegroom is hidden behind a flag.tipas-tipas15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectmag-object-anTo place s.t. as flags on s.t.Magpanjipanyitusiyediyataˈdulang.They are placing handkerchiefs as flags on the rice mound.Pinanjihanpanyitu dulangnen.His rice mound had handkerchiefs for flags (lit....has been flagged with handkerchiefs).

da panjihan

nA crowd of people.Possibly originating from the group of people that goes with the groom, behind the
flag, to the wedding.


vsubjectN-, mag-To wear or carry s.t. over the shoulder (either straight or diagonally over the chest).wear over shoulder; carry over shoulder (as a bag)Magsableybagiye.She is carrying the bag over the shoulder.Iye dinaˈakku nabley bagkun.I told her to carry my bag over her shoulder.Sableyne olosnen.She carries her sarong over her shoulder.sugelleyboˈo
nSash (worn diagonally across the chest).sash (across chest)Sabley pangantinin seputangan.The sash of the bride is a woven square.sangban15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing

badjuˈ sabley

nA type of blouse.The cut of the blouse is entirely of straight pieces, only around the neck it is a
bit rounded. There are no seams on the shoulders. The sleeves are three quarter length
with a square fit under the arm to allow for needed width. A straight strip is added
to the front and around the neck which is folded over to form a collar. Usually there
are no buttons. It is held together with jewelry or safety pins.
Hinangku semmek inin badjuˈ sabley.I will make this cloth into a sabley blouse.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA handle of a bag (that can be worn over the shoulder).handle of bagtangkey


nA sash (a cloth worn diagonally across the chest).The material of a sarong may just be gathered any way or folded neatly from the mouth
to the lower edge into a narrow sash.
Leppiˈun olos iyan hinang sangban.Fold that sarong making it into a sash (worn across the chest).sabley15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectmag-To wear s.t. as a sash (i.e. diagonally across the chest).Sangbanunhadjaolos iyan.Just wear that sarong as a sash.23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing
vmagsangbanTo have s.t. crosswise (of pattern in fabric, sash across chest).crosswiseMeˈ Samahin magsangban duk olos.The Sama have the sarong crosswise (over the shoulder).Semmek miyaˈan magsangban-sangban bettiknen.That cloth has the pattern crosswise.


vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)To plow a second time (usually done across or diagonally).plow a second timeUbus ne sinangban tanaˈkun.My field has already been plowed a second time.Nangbannekusumu.I will plow the second time tomorrow.Magsangbanne meˈ aˈahin.The people are plowing the second time.badjaˈ8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture


nThe white pattern painted on the face and hands of the principal participant(s) at
certain ceremonies.
pattern (white on bride’s face)At weddings the bride and groom are so decorated, also at graduations from the Qur’an
studies the one(s) graduating, and at weighing ceremonies the one(s) weighed. The
whole face is given a white grounding with talcum powder mixed with water. Then the
same mixture is stamped onto the face and sometimes on the hands and feet as well.
Few people know how to do this. They prepare the stamp pattern by cutting a small
square bamboo stick and splitting it in various ways to make the pattern and spreading
the cut parts by inserting small pieces of wood.
Punasanun tanyak-tanyak pangantinin.Wipe the white pattern off the bride.bulak-bulak15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo put on the white pattern.Tinanyak-tanyakanatawa binulak-bulakan luwe pangantinin.The face of the bride has the white pattern put on.Sinenanyak-nanyakan pangantinin?Who put the white pattern on the bride?Īˈpeiyemagtanyak-tanyakpangantin.She is still there putting the white pattern on the bride.


nA flag, or pennant.Red, triangular flags fixed to thin bamboo sticks are carried by several people when
the bridegroom is taken to the house of the wedding. Sometimes the flags are bordered
with black. Small triangular flags are also used for decoration.
flag (decoration); pennantPangawin siyehin magboˈo tipas-tipas meˈ usba lellahin.When they were married the relatives of the man carried flags.15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies
vsubjectmag-To use flags or pennants.Magtipas-tipas meˈ aˈa matuˈuhin bang magkawin.The people of old used flags when there was a wedding.
vobject-anTo decorate s.t. with flags or pennants.Tinipas-tipasan jīpin peggeˈ pagboˈohan pangantin.The jeep is decorated with flags because it is to carry the bride.panji


vsubjectmag-To use or be carried in a sedan chair.carry in a sedan chairMagusung aˈahin bang magkawin matuˈuhin.Formerly when there was a wedding people used a sedan chair.Geyku si pagkawinan bang gey du ku inusung.I will not go to the wedding if I am not carried in a sedan chair.boˈo


nA sedan chair (for a bride).It is a structure that resembles a little house. The bride is carried in it by two
men when she is brought to the house where the wedding is to take place, and after
the wedding to the house of the groom where they will stay. Not every girl may have
such a ‘chair’ only those from certain families.
sedan chair for a bride; structure for a bride to be carried inOlosmahalgaˈ meˈ dinding usungannen.The walls of her sedan chair are of valuable blankets.15.5Decorations, weddings and other ceremoniesDecorations, weddings and other ceremonies