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nBlouse; shirt; dress.blouse; shirt; dressHāp istayel badjuˈnun.The style of your blouse is nice.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing

badjuˈkabaya blouse with wide sleeves
badjuˈlapiˈ black, tight blouse with gold buttons
badjuˈpinalantup blouse of woven cloth
badjuˈsabley blouse with wide sleeves and continuous collar
badjuˈYakan tight blouse made of Yakan weaving
kameseta T-shirt type blouse
samda Sama blouse


nA headband.headbandHāpkololbaklewaˈa miyaˈan.The color of that person’s headband is nice.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA dress.dress, aPandakbistirudende miyaˈan.The dress of that woman is short.badjuˈ23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing
vsubjectmag-To wear a dress.Magbistiru meˈ dende Bisayaˈin, gey siye tantu magdikat.The non-Muslim women wear dresses; they don’t wear sarongs often.


nA sarong (worn wrapped around the body under the arms).sarong, wrapped around body under armsPahagetun gampisnun kaw pekkal.Make your sarong tight lest it come undone.
vsubjectmag-To wear a sarong wrapped around the body under the arms.Bang meˈ dendehin si boheˈ mandi, maggampis siye.When the women are at the water to bathe, they wear the sarong wrapped around under the arms.dikat23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nStockings.Covering the whole leg.stockingsIttemistakingdende miyaˈan.The stockings of that girl are black.kalsitin23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA jacket (of fairly thick material).jacketHāp inasek jaketin bang haggut.It is nice to put on a jacket if it is cold.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA square scarf.It is used as a headcover or worn around the shoulders by women. Smaller ones are
also used by men as a headcover.
scarf (square)Aˈahin bang magbadjaˈ magturung iye duk jimpaw.When a person plows he covers (his head) with a scarf.Jimpaw pagturung dende miyaˈan hāp bettiknen.The scarf worn by that woman on her head has a nice pattern.pīsturung23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nLong-sleeved shirt-type gown (worn by men for worship); robe, gown.Often it is white but it can be any color. Men who want to stress their religiosity
wear it on other occasions too.
gown (for men); robe (for men)Asekun jubanun bang kew nambahayang.Put your gown on when you worship.luku14.13ObjectsObjects23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


vsubjectmag-To put on or wear socks.Megkalsitindahuˈ maki megtehompaˈ.One puts on socks first, then shoes.


nT-shirt.T-shirtĪˈ dinekdakan kamesetakun.My T-shirt is being washed.
vsubjectmag-To wear a T-shirt.Magkamesetakuhadjabangku nabuˈ.I will just wear a T-shirt when I go shopping.

kameseta sabley

nMen’s undershirt without sleeves.badjuˈ23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA singlet, or slip; a lady’s undergarment.singlet; slip, undergarmentThe traditional Yakan outfit for women includes a kamisun that is made of white cloth, has a fitted top (often embroidered) and a connected
pleated skirt.
vsubjectmag-To wear or put on a singlet or slip.Subey ku magkamisun peggeˈ tilag badjuˈkun.I should wear a singlet because my blouse is see-through.sando23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA tie-belt; sash; red sash worn by Yakan men.sash; belt that is tiedThe traditional Yakan clothes for men include a kandit which consists of red cotton cloth approx. 10 to 15 meters long with pieces of woven
cloth at both ends that have long tassels. This sash is twisted into a thick rope
and wound around the waist until all is used up. The tassels hang down a bit in front
and back.
Bāhaninin hinangku kandit.I use this vine as a belt.Baˈahudu tinoket jambu kandit lella miyaˈan.The tassels of the sash of that man have recently been placed there.sabitankuwero23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing
vsubjectN-, mag-To wear a belt, to put on a belt.When pants that are wide in the waist or wrap around skirts are folded over, pulled
tight and tucked in, it is sometimes also called magkandit.
Kanditun sawalnun duk gey lurus.Put a tie-belt around your trousers so they won’t slip down.Bangiye magsemmek Yakan magkandit pe iye.When he dresses in Yakan clothes he wears a belt.


nA wrap; a piece of cloth (unsewn and used as a wraparound skirt or blanket).Often it is old cloth and therefore considered less good than a blanket manta.wrap, a; cloth unsewn used as wraparound; blanketIntagnekayabkun, tiyaˈnekutuli.Where is my wrap; I am going to sleep now.manta23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA belt (for a sword or bolo).A piece of cloth or string is tied to the sheath in order to tie it to the waist.belt for sword or boloSōng bekkat ne kenetan pirakun peggeˈ tiggel ne manamal.The belt of my bolo will soon break because it is already very old.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA necktie (for men or for girl’s uniforms).necktieKēmonistudiyante dendehin niyaˈ kulbatane.All girl students have neckties.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA skull cap (usually white, or an elongated black cap with stiff sides).skull cap; cap for men, black
vmagkuppiyaTo wear a skull cap.Bang nambahayang imamin subey magkuppiya.When the imam worships he should wear a skull cap.saruk14.13ObjectsObjects23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA belt (with buckle).belt (with buckle)Indamanun ku kuwero.Lend me a belt.kanditsabitan23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nDiaper (a piece of soft cloth placed around a small child).It is used as a diaper or as a blanket.diaper; blanket for baby; wrap in diaperBellihanun ku tela lunuk-lunukin hinangku lampin.Buy me some soft cloth; I will make a diaper.olos23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo wrap with a diaper, to put a diaper on, to use a diaper.Lampinanunnakanak iyan.Put a diaper on that child.Taman meˈ tellum bulan maglampin nakanakin.Up to about three months a diaper is put on a child.Sinengalampinannakanak iyan?Who wrapped the diaper around the child?


nCloth hanging (covering the walls for decoration or used as partition in a mosque).cloth hangings for wall; partition in mosque, of clothBang kite nambahayang subey bettadan langsey si tengngaˈ.When we worship, a cloth hanging should be placed in the middle (of the room partitioning off the women).23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nWhite garment (worn by women for worship).garment for worship (women)Melli ku kakanaˈ hinangku luku.I am buying white cloth to make a garment for worship.juba14.13ObjectsObjects23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


v. statEntirely of the same fabric (of clothes), same (fabric).Bangku hinang badjuˈ duk palda subey lungbus (ilungbus).If I make a blouse and skirt it should be of the same cloth.
nA suit; a two piece outfit (made of the same cloth).Such as blouse, jacket or T-shirt and pants or skirt.suit of clothesNiyaˈlungbusnebinaning.She has a yellow two piece outfit.
vmaglungbusTo wear an outfit of the same fabric.Meˈ sundalu maglungbus gaddung.The soldiers wear green outfits.telnos
nlungbusanOutfit (top and pants or skirt, may or may not be of the same fabric).Bellihanku iye semmek de lungbusan.I will buy her one outfit.23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nA blanket; any cloth used as a cover (when lying down).blanketNiyaˈmantanesubuk.He has a thick blanket.oloskayabtilam23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nKneesocks, socks.kneesocks; socksMelli iye sapatus bu gaˈ iye melli medjas.He bought shoes but he did not buy kneesocks.
vmagmedjasTo wear kneesocks or socks.Magmedjaskewbangkew magsapatus.Wear kneesocks when you wear shoes.kalsitin23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing


nTubular skirt, sarong (type of skirt); cover to sleep under, blanket.skirt, tubular; sarong; blanketThe garment consists of a length of cloth sewn together. It is folded over at the
waist and tucked in to hold it in place. It is worn by women as an every day garment.
Men also wear it for worship service and to sleep in (that is often a longer one olos binūs). An olos is also used by women for bathing in. Then it is wrapped around under the armpits
and tucked in. Often it is used as a sabley, a cloth worn diagonally over one shoulder, or as a head covering to keep off the
hot sun, or as a hammock for the baby or just to tie things up into a bundle.
Tahaˈolosinin.This sarong is long.Oloskun bangkutulimanta.My tubular skirt (serves as) blanket when I sleep.tadjunglampin1mantapalda23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing

olos palantup

nHandwoven, striped, knee-length skirt, worn by women over the traditional trousers
in older times.

olos kusta budjang

nA very large, checked sarong, traditionally handwoven on an unusually broad loom,
and used at weddings to cover the bride on the eve of the wedding.

olos inalaman

nHandwoven skirt with a smallish square pattern, may be short or long. (If it is long
two pieces are joined.)
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo wear or put on a sarong; to wrap (cloth like a sarong); to cover s.t. (with a sarong).Olosanunnakanak iyan duk manta.Wrap that child with a blanket.Magoloskew duk gaˈi kew kahaggutan.Put a tubular skirt on so that you won’t be cold.Sinengōsan akuhin?Who covered me with a sarong?


nSkirt (western style).skirt, aNiyaˈpaldanepeyat.She has a red skirt.olos23.1Items of clothingItems of clothing
vmagpaldaTo wear a skirt.Geyku magpantalun, magpalda ku hadja.I don’t wear pants; I just wear skirts.