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nGiant.giant, aMostly occurring in folktales. They are large people thought of as living mainly in
the forest. They are not real people and can change their appearance.
Patennaˈanāgasihin diyataˈkayuatawadem lowang poˈon kayu.The giant lives in a tree or in a hole at the base of a tree.lagtew14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA person blackened with soot.blacken s.o. with sootOccurs only in stories.Bakas ku ngite agtaˈ.I have seen a person blackened with soot.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
vTo blacken s.o. with soot.Inagtaˈdende miyaˈan weˈ siˈitnen, duk gaˈ niyaˈ ngabayaˈanne.That girl was blackened with soot by her aunt so that nobody would want her.


nCertain very devout, wise men or women with special powers; a hermit; an, devout and wise; hermit; asceticThey are only talked about as having lived in the past or in other countries. They
are said to have special powers because of their devotion to God. Such a person is
believed not to need to eat due to his powers. He perhaps drinks three cups of coffee
in three months. He can move at will between the world and the after world ahilat. He lives by himself near a big body of water (like Boheˈ Basilan) or on a mountain.
Banggaˈikew iyan mangan sudda magewliyaˈ kew.If you don’t eat you will become an ascetic.Kubulininkubulewliyaˈ.This grave is a grave of a hermit.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations


nSpirit (of a person roaming abroad while its owner is asleep and dreaming); certain
If one discovers a bruise on one’s body and does not know where one got it, one says
that a bābal sucked blood there. It wanted to taste if the person is about to die or not. If one
dreams that one is eating and there is a body laid out somewhere it means that one’s
bābal went there and ate of the body.
spirit (of person roaming)Bangniyaˈaˈamatey ngahalu bābal.If there is a dead person, spirits go there.Bangniyaˈsaki ilutang weˈ bābal pinasaki.When someone is sick the spirit adds to it making him sicker.Bābalininsassat.This spirit is a demon.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
vsubjectN-, mag-To roam about at night disturbing people (said of bābal i.e. human spirits or demons only).Mābal aˈahin bang niyaˈ matey.People (their spirits) roam about if someone has died.Luwalkumagbābalbangsangem.I (my spirit) always roam about at night.


nUnseen beings; people reputed to be invisible.unseen beingsThey are said to live in the forest. In Sabah there are some and also near Sempinit,
reportedly. If one goes close to them they disappear.
Saliˈ duk manubuˈ; bagubuˈ ittem.They are like the manubuˈ; the bagubuˈ are dark.manubuˈaˈa (gaˈi takite)14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nRainbow.rainbowIf the rainbow is only partially seen it is called tunggul pisang and it is said that there is fighting somewhere. If it is seen completely it is said
that the sky maidens are taking a bath.
Bangbenek-benek paguwaˈ biraralihin.When it sprinkles the rainbow appears.tunggul pisangawan5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nA rainbow, said to be a mythical being; sky maiden.There are said to be seven sisters, beautiful girls with long hair. They have wings
and live in the sky. When a rainbow is seen to touch water one says the children of
the rainbow are (or the rainbow is) taking a bath. If it touches land one says, they
are coming down.
Hāp koˈ manamal dende biraralihin.They say the sky maidens are very good looking.kadjang14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nMermaid (a mythical being); manatee, sea cow, dugong.manatee; sea cow; mermaidMost people think of it as a mermaid. One man claimed to have seen one. Another one
said he saw an animal in the market in a coastal town. It reportedly is sometimes
butchered and eaten. When it is killed, tears roll down its cheeks, no sound, can’t
talk, no hair on head, no arms.
4.6Other sea creaturesOther sea creatures14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nEvil spirit; demon.evil spirit; demonSome people do not accept this word but do accept hinibilis, ‘insanity caused by demons’.Demtalunlahathibilisin.In the forest is the place of the hibilis-spirit.Iyuˈ aˈa iyan kuweˈ aˈa binalew hatu hinibilis.That person acts crazy, perhaps he is demon possessed.seyitansumangat14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA jinni, or genie (one of a class of spirits or mythical beings).A normally unseen being, that appears to some people at times. Some people claim to
have sexual relations with jinni.
Dende miyaˈan tege ella jīn.That woman has a jinni husband.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA kind of unseen being (often harmful to people).They are said to live in strangler fig trees nunuk or other huge trees (daˈu or kumpang) which are grown over with vines. Reportedly they can cause harm to human beings
and especially tend to hide children. There are male, female, and children. The women
have thick, long hair. If there is a lot of sickness going around, sometimes people
will bring offerings (lamas) to big stones or trees, so that the kokok will no longer bother them. They are often referred to just as people. e.g. ‘That
tree has people living in it.’
unseen beingKayu mahadje miyaˈan, niyaˈ kokok patennaˈ diyataˈne.That big tree has unseen beings living in it.Nakanak miyaˈan bakas tapukan kokok.That child has been hidden in the past by unseen beings.sumangataˈa (gaˈi takite)14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
v. statkinokokTo be affected by unseen beings.Kinokokaˈa iyan, kuweˈ aˈa binalew.That person is affected by unseen beings; he is like a crazy person.


nA spirit being (very tall.)If one tries to look at the face, it seems to be as high as the sky. One cannot go
past a lagtew but has to pass under the spread legs. The lagtew cannot bend down to catch a person. They are said to live near or in big trees.
spirit being, tallBanglagtewin pasengkang si lānnu subey kew pabutas amban diyawaˈne.If a spirit being stands with spread legs on your way you should pass under him.sassatāgasiaˈa (gaˈi takite)14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nAn apparition signifying good omen.unseen people; apparitionSomething very large appearing at night time. Sometimes it is big as a coconut tree,
or it may look like an old person or a fallen tree that stands up again, or it may
look like a star, sparkling, crawling in the house. Some people have seen it as a
fire in the coconut grove. Often there is Arabic writing which a person can instantly
read without having learned to and he can read the Qur’an ever afterwards. When one
sees an apparition like this, people say one should make a request immediately and
it will reportedly be granted. Anyone who sees it will have good luck. But if he does
not recognize it for what it is and does not make a request it just disappears and
that’s it. Not many people see it.
Danganakanku dembuwaˈin niyaˈ bakas paguwaˈan layilatul-karal.One of my cousins had a layilatul-karal appear.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo hide s.t.hide, toEsp. used of bad deeds.Libunannebangniyaˈ bakas kahinanganne laˈat.He hides it if he has done something bad.Geykutaˈungalibunannebang asal toˈo isab tahinangku.I cannot hide it if I have really done it.Bangkumissāgeykutaˈumaglibun.When I speak I don’t know how to hide (things).tapuklimbung

aˈa libun

nInvisible beings like in fairy tales.Gaˈku bakas ngite aˈa libun.I have not seen invisible beings.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nAngel.angelBang mākanakin laboˈ tinulabuk weˈ malaˈikat, hangkan gey tantu peddiˈan.When children fall they are held by angels; that’s why they don’t hurt themselves very much.mungkalun14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA being out of legends (reputed invisible, living in the forest).being, an invisibleIttem koˈ manubuˈin.The manubuˈ are dark-skinned.bagubuˈaˈa (gaˈi takite)14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA white ghost (frightens people).ghost, whiteReportedly it is the spirit of a small baby that died when it was just a few days
old. It appears as a cat, and cannot be distinguished from a real cat.
Niyaˈmentiyanak magtāring.There is a ghost crying.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nThe angel of death.This angel is said to question people after death about whether they did good in the
world or not. It is good to acquire specialized knowledge elimuˈ in order to know how to answer this angel. The angel investigates tanya people. If people cannot answer he will punish them, beating them with his stick.
angel of deathNanya mungkalunin bang kite matey.The angel of death will investigate when we die.malaˈikat14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA dragon.dragonNiyaˈ koˈ paluwas ebbut amban dem behe naga.Fire reportedly comes out of the mouth of a dragon.2.7Other creaturesOther creatures14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)object-anTo look hard at s.t.; stare at s.t.look hard at s.t.; stare at s.t.Weˈeykewluwalmandang?Why are you always staring?Ineluwalpinandangannu ley?What are you always looking at so hard?Magpandangsiye.They stare at each other.Kapandang-pandangansiye pagkitede ku palabey.They stared at me when I passed by.dendengpayam33.1Verbs used in connection w/ seeingVerbs used in connection w/ seeing
nbāpandanganThe one looking hard, the seeing one, i.e. God (used only of God).Bāpandangan Tuhanin.God is the one looking hard (at people).Tuhanin kataˈuhan ine-ine hinangante peggeˈ iye bāpandanganin.God knows everything we do because he is the seeing one.Tuhan14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nSpirit of the dead; ghost.ghost; spirit of the deadA panyataˈ used to be a person but is now a haunting spirit. It is always frightening.Niyaˈpanyataˈ manyataˈan kami dibuhiˈ.There was a ghost haunting us last night.bābal14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo haunt (people or houses).haunt, toManyataˈaˈa mateyin.Dead people haunt.Panyataˈanunlumaˈ miyaˈan gana-gana.Haunt that house later tonight.Magpanyataˈaˈamateybaˈahu miyaˈan.The person who recently died is haunting now.


nSmall hill (of red soil); termite hill.hill, small; termite hillThe soil is used for making clay pots. The soil is very sticky; mixed with cement
it can be used to close holes in boats temporarily.
Niyaˈaneydempunsu.There are termites in the small hill.5.4TopographyTopography

bulak punsu

nClay.claykew ngeddoˈ bulak punsu, hinangte leppoˈ-leppoˈ.Go and get some clay; we will make a small earthenware pot.5.4TopographyTopography

aˈa punsu


nA mythical horse (half human (female) with wings).mythical horseMirrors often have a picture of this horse.Bang maglugung magubas koˈ kuraˈ sambāni.When it is thundering they say the mythical horse is running.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nTempter; temptation.tempter; temptationSassat are usually thought of as unseen beings that frighten or pester humans. People are
stronger than those beings because: “it is said that the trail people walk has withered
grass.” One kind of sassat are seyitan ‘demons’. They are said to try to influence people away from God. People that tempt
others are also called sassat.
Daˈakewkahagad, meˈ sassat hep iyan.Don’t believe it; those are temptations.Daˈakewluwal nuhut-nuhut meˈ aˈa maginuman iyan, meˈ sassat hep iyan.Don’t always go along with those people always drinking; those are tempters.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
vsubjectN-, mag-To tempt (to do wrong); to pester, annoy, harass.tempt to do wrong; pester; annoy; harassNassat seyitanin.The demons tempt (or pester).Sassatne saweˈne maniyaˈ hinangnen.He pesters his companion who has work to do.Nakanak iyan luwal magsassat.That child always pesters.Daˈakewnassattiyaˈku magdayiˈ-dayiˈ.Don’t harass; I am in a hurry.sasewjurikulebeˈsabut-sabutsensong14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general


nA demon, an evil spirit; the devil; Satan.demon; evil spirit; spirit (evil)Binalewiyepeggeˈpasayedanseyitan.He is crazy because he has been entered by a demon.hibilissumangat14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nA mythical person.mythical personSuch a person is said to kidnap children, in order to use their blood to make gold
out of it. It is said that they are often bearded.
Niyaˈsonggot magsiggew mākanak.There is a songgot who catches children.14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
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