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nA broom.It can be made of any material: sticks of the coconut leaflets, rice straw, twigs
or anything else.
broomNgahit ku tengkulelang lahing hinang ahud.I scrape off the leaflets of the coconut palm to make a broom.eskoba(pa)pahid20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items

anak bagid

nA match (for lighting a fire); an individual match.match (for lighting fire)20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items

saˈi bagid

nA match box.


vsubjectN-, mag-To sift; to sieve (such as flour or coffee).sieve, to; siftAkungayak kahawahin.I sieve the coffee.Ayakunne tapungin.Sieve the rice flour now.sāˈ1


nA sieve (for sifting flour, pounded coffee etc., even sand).Also any instrument used to sift e.g. large muslin or nylon square.sieve, a (very fine)Ngeddoˈ kew badjuˈ tilag hinangte ayakan.Get the thin blouse; we will use it as a sieve.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


vsubjectN-, mag-To lock s.t.lock, a or to; bolt, aBagatun lumaˈnu bang kew tahalaˈ.Lock your house when you leave.Niyaˈmagat lumaˈin ensiniˈ.Someone locked the house earlier.


nA lock on door; hook on window; a bolt (anything to secure an entrance).kandaru19.2Parts of housesParts of houses20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA match (for lighting fires).match (for igniting)Bagid para pagpekellum ebbut.Matches are for lighting a fire.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items

anak bagid

nA match (contents of a matchbox).

saˈi bagid



nA steel drum; barrel.barrel; drum of steelBahdilin hāppangisihanboheˈ.A drum is good for putting water in.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nOne’s belongings; stuff; possessions (especially in the house).Used only jokingly.stuff (belongings); belongingsEkkabalāpakuatawabalalāpaku.I have many possessions.Intag eddoˈnu balalāpa iyan?Where did you get that stuff?panyap20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA pail, bucket.bucket; pailIndamanun kite baldi pangisihante boheˈ.Lend us a bucket to put water in.timbaˈ20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA round metal tray (enameled, used for food).tray, round enameledIsihanun kite bandehaw dembuwaˈ iyan kinakan, peggeˈ ekka bisitate.Put the rice on that tray, because we have many visitors.talam20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nSupport (for pots on a fireplace); tripod.It can be earthenware pots upside down or three stones, or most commonly an iron tripod
or longish structure.
stove, tripod for; tripod for stoveHinanganun kite bangawen pagbellahan gana-gana.Make us a support on which to cook later.kalanlepohan20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA sink (in kitchen).sink, aMelli kite banggera para si kusina pagkosoˈan laley.Let us buy a sink for the kitchen for washing dishes.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA brush, any brush, esp. a toothbrush.brush, a; toothbrushNiyaˈbarāsku.I have a toothbrush.sipilyu20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items
vsubjectmag-object-anTo brush s.t.Barāsanunsawal iyan, iyuˈ ekka luˈudnen.Brush those pants; they are dirty.


nA (drinking) glass; a beaker (it does not have a handle).glass without handleIsihanun basu dembuwaˈ iyan boheˈ panas.Put water into that glass.sawan20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nBattery.A single cell that furnishes electric current such as a flashlight battery. Or a group
of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current such as a car
batteryPalsunebateriya buslayitkun, gey ne salay.The batteries of my flashlight are old; they are no longer bright.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nBaby bottle; bottle for babyNakanak iyan gaˈi bayaˈ nusu beberon.That child does not like to suck a baby bottle.soponpunduˈ20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA lever; rod.rod; leverKayuinin hinangku beˈulan lugpitan.This wood I will use as a lever for the cassava ingketanun pessi iyan diyataˈ beˈulanne.Go now, tie the fishhook onto its rod.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA clay stove.It consists of a clay vessel with openings at the sides for feeding the fire and for
air. Wood is used as fuel.
stove, clayMagbella ku diyataˈ dapulan.I cook on a clay stove.lepohanpogon20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA broom.Stick brooms are made of the midrib of the coconut leaflets, soft brooms are made
of the heads of rice straw.
broom; sweep, toGunahun eskoba bang kew magān lawaˈ-lawaˈ si būngan.Use the broom when you remove the cobwebs from under the roof.(pa)pahid20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items
vsubjectmag-object-anTo sweep.Eskobahanundiyalem lumaˈin.Sweep inside the house.pahid


nA bamboo spatula.It is used for turning rice cakes while cooking them in oil.spatula, bambooHinanganun kite gagawi pagbīngte panyām.Make us a spatula for turning the rice cakes.kuha20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA dipper; a vessel for drawing or dipping (water).For an outside well it is sometimes a coconut shell on a stick. Inside the house it
is usually a plastic container with a handle.
vessel for drawing waterGayungin para paginduk boheˈ.The dipper is used for drawing water.(keˈ)induk20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA recordplayer, radiophone.recordplayerPinakale meˈ palaka si haradjupunu.Records are played on a recordplayer.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nPestle.Wooden pole for pounding rice etc.pestleIndamun ku hellu, tiyaˈ pagbayuku.Lend me a pestle; I have something to pound.linsungan20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items9.6Implements for processingImplements for processing


nA floor polisher.It consists of one half of a dry coconut husk. It works like a brush.floor polisher ngeddoˈ iskarāb.Go get the floor polisher.lampasusipan20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo polish (the floor).In the Philippines also called to skate. The dry coconut husk is placed on the floor
and moved back and forth with the foot with motions as in skating.
Iskarābanun lumaˈkun.Skate (the floor of) my house.Tabanganku iye magiskarāb.I help her polish (the floor).Niyaˈnengiskarāban harenin.Somebody already polished the stairs.


vsubjectN-, mag-To scrape s.t. (into long strips using a special instrument).Like green papaya to be cooked as vegetable. Also used for square stemmed passion
fruit, a type of squash jabarut, cassava and coconut.
scrape s.t. in long stripsJangatun kite kapaya inin duk niyaˈ sayulte.Scrape this papaya for us so that we will have some vegetables.Nganjangat kite lahing hinang ayiskendi.Let us scrape coconut to make ice candy.


nAn implement for scraping.It consists of a handle with a row of sheet metal loops.20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items