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nSunday.Sunday14.3Time, monthsTime, months

Ahad Sunday
Isnin Monday
Salasa Tuesday
Alabaˈa Wednesday
Hammis Thursday
Jumaˈat Friday
Sabtuˈ Saturday


nTime of day, about 3 to 5 in the afternoon; one of the five appointed prayer times.prayer time (3 to 5)Nambahayang ku asal laˈi si langgal.At the afternoon prayer time I worship in the mosque.waktu14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nAges ago, ancient times, olden times, a long time ago.Used only in connection with the suffix -ley ‘having been in existence before’ or the noun jaman ‘time’.ages ago; ancient times; past, long ago; time, ancientEwwalley pinaˈal ne andang bonoˈin.In ancient times already the fighting was foretold.Banggaˈ magduse disi apuˈ Adam ewwalley gaˈ kite matuk magduse.If grandfather Adam had not sinned in old times we would not be sinning.Gaˈniyaˈjīpawwalley.There were no jeeps in olden times.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time

awwal jaman

nAncient time, a long time ago.Masaewwal jamanpe meˈ inakane iyan.He already told that a long time ago.matuˈuhin (metuˈuhin)masa


nMoon.moonBanghāp lahatin dantaˈ bulanin bang sangem.If it is good weather the moon is bright at night.sahaliellew5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nMonth.monthSubey aˈahin tinimbang bang inanakan bulan Sappal.People have to have the weighing ceremony if they were born in the month of Sappal.Moleˈ iye bulan inin.He will come home this month.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time
vsubjectmag-#-anTo spend months (doing s.t. or being in some place).Magbulanan palaˈi kami si lumaˈnen.We spent months there at his house.

Muharram (Heylaya Hadjiˈ)

Sappal Safar
Mawulud (Rabbil Awwal)

Rabīˈul Awwal
RabbilAhil (Heylaya Mawulud) Rabīˈul

JumarilAwwal Jamadal Ula
JumarilAhil Jamadal Akhira
Rajab Rajab
Saˈban Shaˈban
Puwase Ramadan
Sawwal (Heylaya Puwase)

Julkaˈidda Zulqaˈda
Julhadjiˈ Zulhijjah


advLast night.last night; night, lastEkka taginepku dibuhiˈ.I dreamed much last night.ninaˈsangemdiˈilew14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nTime of day; prayer time (in the evening, sometime after 7 o’clock).prayer time, last of the dayEyisane tekkade dibuhiˈin.They arrived at the prayertime last night.waktu14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nFeast (following the month of fasting); Sawwal, Heylaya Puwase (month after Ramadan).The feast following the month of fasting is called Heylaya (hariraya). From it the whole month is often referred to as Heylaya Puwase.Sinna meˈ aˈahin magadjak-adjak bang Heylaya.The people like to make merry at the Heylaya feast.bulan114.8CeremoniesCeremonies14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nName of the twelfth month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Zulhijjah.)month, twelfthbulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months


nName of the eleventh month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Zulqaˈda.)month, eleventhbulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months


nFriday.FridayBangellewJumaˈat nambahayang meˈ aˈahin.On Friday the people worship.14.3Time, monthsTime, monthsAhad

Jumaril Ahil

nName of the sixth month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Jamadal Akhira.)month, sixthbulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months

Jumaril Awwal

nName of the fifth month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Jamadal Ula.)month, fifthbulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months


nEnd of the world.end of worldBang ilūnan bulak duk langitin kiyamat ne.When the earth and sky are rolled up it will already be the end of the world.Ekka bayuˈ-bayuˈan tandaˈ paguwaˈ bang sōng kiyamat.Many different signs will appear when the end of the world is near.14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nEarly afternoon; prayer time at 1 or 2 in the afternoon.time for prayer after noonNambahayang ku bang luhul ne ellewin.I worship when the sun is a little past noon.Kahabaˈluhul lumengngan ku.Every early afternoon I go out.waktu14.3Time, monthsTime, months


advDusk, twilight (in the evening), time of day at sundown, early evening; prayer time
(at approx. 6:30 in the evening).
prayer time at 6:30 p.m.; sundown; evening, early; duskMagalibne tekkaden.They arrived at sundown.Ubus ne ku nambahayang magrib.I have already done the early evening prayers.waktu14.3Time, monthsTime, months


advTime of day, prayer time in early evening.14.3Time, monthsTime, months


advToday.todayNabuˈ ku maˈin.I am going shopping today.Maˈiniyetekka.He will arrive today.kuweˈituellewinin14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time


nEvening (eve) before the following day; eve of a celebration (and its festivities).The day is counted from nightfall of one day to sundown of the next, so the malam is the first part of any 24 hour period bahangi.evening of the following day; eve of celebrationfestivity on eve of celebrationMalam tabuˈ.The evening of (i.e. before) market day.Ninaˈmalam pangawin siyehin.Tonight is the eve of their wedding.14.3Time, monthsTime, months
vmagmalamTo have an evening festivity.ku pagmalaman bang magmalam siye.I am going to the (place of the) evening celebration if they have the evening celebration.


nName of a feast in honor of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.month, name of a; feast in the month of Mawuludsing from the book MawuludIsninMawulud kamihin.Monday we will have our Mawulud celebration.14.8CeremoniesCeremonies14.3Time, monthsTime, months14.7Books and parts of booksBooks and parts of books


nName of a book that is sung from during the above celebration.It is a fairly thin book written in the Arabic language and in Arabic script.NiyaˈMawuludku.I have a (book)Mawulud.
vmagmawuludTo sing or chant from the book Mawulud.Taˈukumagmawulud.I can sing the Mawulud.kalang2


nName of the third month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Rabīˈul Awwal.)It is also called Rabbil Awwal. In this month the Mawulud celebration takes place.Bulan Mawulud ku hap lumaˈ.In the month Mawulud I will go home.bulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months


nName of the first month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Muharram.)It is also called Heylaya Hadjiˈ.month, firstbulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months


advThis evening, tonight.evening, this; tonightThe night following this present day.Mabayaˈ ku tuli laˈi si Calarian ninaˈ.I would like to sleep in Calarian tonight.Tekkasiyeninaˈ amban palengnganande.They will arrive tonight from their journey.sangemdibuhiˈ14.3Time, monthsTime, months


nChristmas.ChristmasBulan dembuwaˈ pe paskuwahin.Christmas is next month.14.3Time, monthsTime, months
vsubjectN-To participate in a Christmas celebration.Aku, maskuwahap Sembuwangan ku.As for me, I go to participate in the Christmas celebration in Zamboanga.
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-To give a Christmas gift to s.o.Paskuwahanun salinun.Give a Christmas gift to your younger sibling.Kahabaˈpaskuwamagpaskuwasiye.Every Christmas they give Christmas gifts.Niyaˈmaskuwahanaku.Someone gave me a Christmas gift.
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